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LOINC FHIR® API Example - ValueSet Request Get Info


LOINC Terms in this Group

11490-0 Physician Discharge summary
11505-5 Physician procedure note
18736-9 Physician Initial evaluation note
28568-4 Physician Emergency department Note
28573-4 Physician, Operation note
28616-1 Physician Transfer note
28626-0 Physician History and physical note
34106-5 Physician Hospital Discharge summary
34116-4 Physician Nursing facility History and physical note
68474-6 Physician Hospital Restraint note
75475-4 Physician Letter
75476-2 Physician Note
83793-0 Physician Long term care facility Note
83794-8 Physician Urgent care center Note
83795-5 Physician Telephone encounter Note
83796-3 Physician Summary of death note
83797-1 Physician Referral note
83798-9 Physician Outpatient Note
83799-7 Physician Transplant candidate evaluation note
83800-3 Physician Hospital Note
83801-1 Physician Patient's home Note
83802-9 Physician Discharge instructions
83803-7 Physician Custodial care facility Note
83804-5 Physician Administrative note
83805-2 Physician Admission evaluation note
85873-8 Physician Restraint note
86210-2 Physician Medical clearance note