Version 2.77

Maturity: Beta

  1. The LOINC Groups project is a work in progress. The contents of this file may change from release to release as we receive feedback from users and refine our processes.
  2. The contents of the file and the groupings MUST be validated by the user prior to implementation in any aspect of clinical care. We have created Groups that may be useful in specific contexts, but these Groups have not been vetted for use in either patient care or research and should be used with caution.
  3. More information on LOINC Groups is available on our website.

Basic Attributes

Version First Released
Pending promotion to Production status (Beta)
Parent Group
LG92-9  DocOnt<SAME:Role|SMD><ROLLUP:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument|Setting>
Group Category
Document groups

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ValueSet definition
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LOINC terms in Group

LOINC Long Common Name
100491-0 Nurse Outpatient Progress note
100599-0 Nurse Hospital Progress note
28623-7 Nurse Progress note
28651-8 Nurse Transfer note
29753-1 Nurse Initial evaluation note
34139-6 Nurse Telephone encounter Note
34744-3 Nurse Admission evaluation note
34745-0 Nurse Discharge summary
34746-8 Nurse Note
34747-6 Nurse Preoperative evaluation and management note
57053-1 Nurse Emergency department Note
57054-9 Nurse Emergency department Triage+care note
61143-4 Nurse Summary note
64295-9 Nurse Plan of care note
68476-1 Nurse Hospital Restraint note
68477-9 Nurse Hospital Education note
68482-9 Nurse Hospital Transfer summary note
75446-5 Nurse Education note
75447-3 Nurse Fall risk assessment note
75448-1 Nurse Flowsheet
75449-9 Nurse Hospital Note
75450-7 Nurse Intensive care unit Note
75451-5 Nurse Long term care facility Note
75452-3 Nurse Medication management note
75453-1 Nurse Outpatient Note
75455-6 Nurse procedure note
75456-4 Nurse Risk assessment and screening note
75457-2 Nurse Telephone encounter Triage note
75458-0 Nurse Triage note
78390-2 Nurse Admission history and physical note
78407-4 Nurse Counseling note
78409-0 Nurse Daily or end of shift signout note
78413-2 Nurse Discharge instructions
78425-6 Nurse Discharge teaching note
83953-0 Nurse Evaluation and management of smoking cessation note
84240-1 Nurse Administrative note
84241-9 Nurse Consult note
84242-7 Nurse Crisis intervention note
84243-5 Nurse Intensive care unit Flowsheet
84244-3 Nurse Intensive care unit Plan of care note
84245-0 Nurse Diagram
84246-8 Nurse Custodial care facility Note
84247-6 Nurse Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
84248-4 Nurse Emergency department Discharge summary
84249-2 Nurse Emergency department Triage note
84250-0 Nurse Group counseling note
84251-8 Nurse Patient's home Note
84252-6 Nurse Patient's home Initial evaluation note
84253-4 Nurse Hospital Admission evaluation note
84254-2 Nurse Hospital Discharge summary
84255-9 Nurse Long term care facility Admission evaluation note
84256-7 Nurse Long term care facility Annual evaluation note
84257-5 Nurse Long term care facility Discharge summary
84258-3 Nurse Long term care facility Initial evaluation note
84259-1 Nurse Long term care facility Referral note
84260-9 Nurse Long term care facility Risk assessment and screening note
84261-7 Nurse Observation unit Admission evaluation note
84262-5 Nurse Observation unit Discharge summary
84263-3 Nurse Observation unit Note
84264-1 Nurse Surgical operation note
84265-8 Nurse Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
84266-6 Nurse Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84267-4 Nurse Outpatient Medication management note
84268-2 Nurse Outpatient Surgical operation note
84269-0 Nurse Outpatient Triage note
84270-8 Nurse Postoperative evaluation and management note
84271-6 Nurse Referral note
84272-4 Nurse Respite note
84273-2 Nurse Summary of death note
84274-0 Nurse Telehealth Note
84275-7 Nurse Urgent care center Note
84276-5 Nurse Urgent care center Triage note
85848-0 Nurse Restraint note
85874-6 Nurse Recovery room Note
85875-3 Nurse Recovery room Discharge summary
85896-9 Nurse Diagnostic study note
87269-7 Nurse Immunization note
87270-5 Nurse Outpatient Immunization note
88348-8 Nurse Long term care facility Transfer summary note
88359-5 Nurse Alert
88637-4 Nurse Agreement
88638-2 Nurse Long term care facility Agreement
88650-7 Nurse Parenteral therapy note
90359-1 Nurse Fluid management note
96163-1 Nurse Evaluation note
97681-1 Nurse History and physical note