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LOINC Terms in this Group

28623-7 Nurse Progress note
28651-8 Nurse Transfer note
29753-1 Nurse Initial evaluation note
34139-6 Nurse Telephone encounter Note
34744-3 Nurse Admission evaluation note
34745-0 Nurse Discharge summary
34746-8 Nurse Note
34747-6 Nurse Preoperative evaluation and management note
57053-1 Nurse Emergency department Note
57054-9 Nurse Emergency department Triage+care note
61143-4 Nurse Summary note
64295-9 Nurse Plan of care note
68476-1 Nurse Hospital Restraint note
68477-9 Nurse Hospital Education note
68482-9 Nurse Hospital Transfer summary note
75446-5 Nurse Education note
75447-3 Nurse Fall risk assessment note
75448-1 Nurse Flowsheet
75449-9 Nurse Hospital Note
75450-7 Nurse Intensive care unit Note
75451-5 Nurse Long term care facility Note
75452-3 Nurse Medication management note
75453-1 Nurse Outpatient Note
75455-6 Nurse procedure note
75456-4 Nurse Risk assessment and screening note
75457-2 Nurse Telephone encounter Triage note
75458-0 Nurse Triage note
78390-2 Nurse Admission history and physical note
78407-4 Nurse Counseling note
78409-0 Nurse Daily or end of shift signout note
78413-2 Nurse Discharge instructions
78425-6 Nurse Discharge teaching note
83953-0 Nurse Evaluation and management of smoking cessation note
84240-1 Nurse Administrative note
84241-9 Nurse Consult note
84242-7 Nurse Crisis intervention note
84243-5 Nurse Intensive care unit Flowsheet
84244-3 Nurse Intensive care unit Plan of care note
84245-0 Nurse Diagram
84246-8 Nurse Custodial care facility Note
84247-6 Nurse Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
84248-4 Nurse Emergency department Discharge summary
84249-2 Nurse Emergency department Triage note
84250-0 Nurse Group counseling note
84251-8 Nurse Patient's home Note
84252-6 Nurse Patient's home Initial evaluation note
84253-4 Nurse Hospital Admission evaluation note
84254-2 Nurse Hospital Discharge summary
84255-9 Nurse Long term care facility Admission evaluation note
84256-7 Nurse Long term care facility Annual evaluation note
84257-5 Nurse Long term care facility Discharge summary
84258-3 Nurse Long term care facility Initial evaluation note
84259-1 Nurse Long term care facility Referral note
84260-9 Nurse Long term care facility Risk assessment and screening note
84261-7 Nurse Observation unit Admission evaluation note
84262-5 Nurse Observation unit Discharge summary
84263-3 Nurse Observation unit Note
84264-1 Nurse Surgical operation note
84265-8 Nurse Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
84266-6 Nurse Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84267-4 Nurse Outpatient Medication management note
84268-2 Nurse Outpatient Surgical operation note
84269-0 Nurse Outpatient Triage note
84270-8 Nurse Postoperative evaluation and management note
84271-6 Nurse Referral note
84272-4 Nurse Respite note
84273-2 Nurse Summary of death note
84274-0 Nurse Telehealth Note
84275-7 Nurse Urgent care center Note
84276-5 Nurse Urgent care center Triage note
85848-0 Nurse Restraint note
85874-6 Nurse Recovery room Note
85875-3 Nurse Recovery room Discharge summary
85896-9 Nurse Diagnostic study note
87269-7 Nurse Immunization note
87270-5 Nurse Outpatient Immunization note
88348-8 Nurse Long term care facility Transfer summary note
88359-5 Nurse Alert
88637-4 Nurse Agreement
88638-2 Nurse Long term care facility Agreement
88650-7 Nurse Parenteral therapy note
90359-1 Nurse Fluid management note
96163-1 Nurse Evaluation note
97681-1 Nurse History and physical note