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LG38954-0Cardiovascular disease|ANYTypeOfService|ANYKindOfNote|ANYSettingActive

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LG92-9   DocOnt<SAME:Role|SMD><ROLLUP:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument|Setting>
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LOINC Terms in this Group

34094-3 Cardiology Hospital Admission history and physical note
34099-2 Cardiology Consult note
34124-8 Cardiology Outpatient Progress note
34752-6 Cardiology Note
34753-4 Cardiology Outpatient Note
34896-1 Cardiology Interventional procedure note
57170-3 Cardiology Referral note
68471-2 Cardiology Hospital Admission evaluation note
68472-0 Cardiology Hospital Progress note
75425-9 Cardiology Diagnostic study note
75426-7 Cardiology procedure note
77407-5 Cardiology Evaluation note
77408-3 Cardiology Discharge instructions
77409-1 Cardiology Discharge summary
77410-9 Cardiology Hospital Discharge teaching note
77411-7 Cardiology Education note
77412-5 Cardiology History and physical note
77413-3 Cardiology Initial evaluation note
77414-1 Cardiology Transfer summary note
77437-2 Cardiology Flowsheet
77442-2 Cardiology Plan of care note
78710-1 Cardiology Progress note
83522-3 Cardiology Intensive care unit Admission evaluation note
83523-1 Cardiology Intensive care unit Discharge summary
83524-9 Cardiology Intensive care unit Note
83525-6 Cardiology Intensive care unit procedure note
83526-4 Cardiology Intensive care unit Transfer summary note
83529-8 Cardiology Patient's home Note
83534-8 Cardiology Observation unit Note
83535-5 Cardiology Surgical operation note
83537-1 Cardiology Preoperative evaluation and management note
83539-7 Cardiology Risk assessment and screening note
83540-5 Cardiology Telephone encounter Note
83541-3 Cardiology Transplant candidate evaluation note
85938-9 Cardiology Postoperative evaluation and management note
86208-6 Cardiology Telehealth Note
94462-9 Cardiology Intensive care unit Consult note
94467-8 Cardiology Intensive care unit Progress note