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Pending promotion to Production status
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LG92-9   DocOnt<SAME:Role|SMD><ROLLUP:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument|Setting>
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LOINC FHIR® API Example - ValueSet Request Get Info


LOINC Terms in this Group

100441-5 Attending Outpatient Progress note
100550-3 Attending Hospital Progress note
18733-6 Attending Progress note
28654-2 Attending Initial evaluation note
28655-9 Attending Discharge summary
34134-7 Attending Outpatient Supervisory note
75471-3 Attending Note
83815-1 Attending Surgical operation note
83816-9 Attending Intensive care unit Admission evaluation note
83817-7 Attending Intensive care unit Note
83818-5 Attending Emergency department Note
83819-3 Attending History and physical note
83820-1 Attending Preoperative evaluation and management note
83821-9 Attending Outpatient Note
83822-7 Attending Hospital Note
83823-5 Attending Long term care facility Note
83824-3 Attending Admission evaluation note
94807-5 Attending COVID-19 Intubation Consultation note