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Pending promotion to Production status
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LG92-9   DocOnt<SAME:Role|SMD><ROLLUP:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument|Setting>
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Document groups

LOINC FHIR® API Example - ValueSet Request Get Info


LOINC Terms in this Group

51855-5 Patient Note
52027-0 Abortion consent Document
52028-8 Hysterectomy consent Document
52029-6 Sterilization consent Document
59284-0 Consent Document
61358-8 Surgical operation consent Document
61359-6 Anesthesia consent Document
64285-0 Medical history screening form
64290-0 Health insurance card
64291-8 Health insurance-related form
64292-6 Release of information consent Document
64293-4 Procedure consent Document
64298-3 Power of attorney
64300-7 Organ donation consent Document
77602-1 Research study consent
85198-0 Patient Long term care facility Living will
86533-7 Patient Living will
89427-9 Evaluation and management consent Document
89428-7 Blood or blood product transfusion consent Document
89430-3 Outpatient Medical history screening form
92664-2 Power of attorney and Living will