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LG41762-2   SocialDeterminantsOfHealth
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Social determinants of health

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LOINC Terms in this Group

46561-7 Current ability - transportation [OASIS]
62944-4 PhenX - exposures to violence - adult protocol 181401
62945-1 PhenX - exposures to violence - child protocol 181402
63017-8 PhenX - family conflict - intimate-relationship protocol 210401
63018-6 PhenX - family conflict - parent - child protocol 210402
63027-7 Deprecated PhenX measure - neighborhood safety
63028-5 PhenX - neighborhood safety protocol 210901
63036-8 PhenX - neighborhood concentrated disadvantage protocol 211301
63831-2 Has there been renovation or repairs in your workspace because of moisture damage [FEAS]
63832-0 What is the floor material in your workspace [FEAS]
63833-8 Floor material in your workspace if other [FEAS]
63834-6 Is the wall material of your work space textile, cloth, jute, etc [FEAS]
63835-3 Is the wall material of your work space plastic [FEAS]
63836-1 Has there been renovation or repairs in your home due to moisture damage [FEAS]
63837-9 Has there been renovation in your home during the past 12 months [FEAS]
63838-7 Which of the following repairs was done in your home during the past 12 months [FEAS]
63839-5 Do you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your home [FEAS]
63840-3 Is the floor material in your home plastic or vinyl [FEAS]
63841-1 Is the wall material in your home textile, cloth, jute, etc [FEAS]
63842-9 Is the wall material in your home plastic [FEAS]
64035-9 Repair done in your home during the past 12 months if other [FEAS]
66357-5 Many shops, stores, markets, or other places to buy things I need are within easy walking distance of my home [PhenX]
66362-5 The crime rate in my neighborhood makes it unsafe to go on walks at night [PhenX]
67040-6 Your rent or mortgage is too much [PhenX]
67611-4 I feel safe walking in my neighborhood, day or night [PhenX]
67613-0 My neighborhood is safe from crime [PhenX]
71802-3 Housing status
75274-1 Characteristics of residence
76499-3 Humiliation, Afraid, Rape, and Kick questionnaire [HARK]
79060-0 Are you able to receive a call on a cell phone [PROMIS]
82152-0 BRFSS ACE Module [ACE.BRFSS]
82813-7 Adverse Childhood Experiences [ACE]
83322-8 Home environment safety and stability [PCAM]
92274-0 Rules for using smoked tobacco products inside home
92278-1 Lived with someone who smoked regularly inside the home during childhood
92279-9 Rules for using smokeless tobacco products inside home
93045-3 Carbon monoxide [Mass/volume] in Air
93069-3 Are you feeling bothered, upset, or worried at this point in your pregnancy about whether the baby might be affected by alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs that you have taken [NuPDQ]
93669-0 Are you homeless or worried that you might be in the future [WellRx]
93672-4 Do you need daycare, or better daycare, for your kids [WellRx]
93676-5 Are you concerned about someone in your home using drugs or alcohol [WellRx]
93682-3 Do you feel unsafe in your daily life [WellRx]
93683-1 Is anyone in your home threatening or abusing you [WellRx]