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LOINC Terms in this Group

100438-1 Adolescent medicine Outpatient Progress note
100439-9 Allergy and Immunology Outpatient Progress note
100440-7 Allergy Outpatient Progress note
100441-5 Attending Outpatient Progress note
100442-3 Audiology Outpatient Progress note
100443-1 Bariatric surgery Outpatient Progress note
100444-9 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Outpatient Progress note
100445-6 Bone Marrow Transplant Outpatient Progress note
100446-4 Breastfeeding Outpatient Progress note
100447-2 Burn management Outpatient Progress note
100448-0 Cardiac surgery Outpatient Progress note
100449-8 Cardiopulmonary Outpatient Progress note
100450-6 Child and adolescent psychiatry Outpatient Progress note
100451-4 Chiropractic medicine Outpatient Progress note
100452-2 Clinical cardiac electrophysiology Outpatient Progress note
100453-0 Clinical genetics Outpatient Progress note
100454-8 Clinical neurophysiology Outpatient Progress note
100455-5 Clinical pathology Outpatient Progress note
100456-3 Colon and rectal surgery Outpatient Progress note
100457-1 Consultant Outpatient Progress note
100458-9 Outpatient COVID-19 Intubation Progress note
100459-7 Outpatient COVID-19 Progress note
100460-5 Dermatology Outpatient Progress note
100461-3 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Outpatient Progress note
100462-1 Dialysis and Therapeutic apheresis Outpatient Progress note
100463-9 Eating disorders Outpatient Progress note
100464-7 Endocrinology Outpatient Progress note
100465-4 Family medicine Outpatient Progress note
100466-2 Gastroenterology Outpatient Progress note
100467-0 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Progress note
100468-8 Gynecologic oncology Outpatient Progress note
100469-6 Gynecology Outpatient Progress note
100470-4 Healthcare navigator Outpatient Progress note
100471-2 Heart failure Outpatient Progress note
100472-0 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Outpatient Progress note
100473-8 Hematology Outpatient Progress note
100474-6 Hematology+Medical oncology Outpatient Progress note
100475-3 Hepatology Outpatient Progress note
100476-1 Immunology Outpatient Progress note
100477-9 Infectious disease Outpatient Progress note
100478-7 Internal medicine Outpatient Progress note
100479-5 Interventional cardiology Outpatient Progress note
100480-3 Interventional radiology Outpatient Progress note
100481-1 Outpatient Mechanical circulatory support Progress note
100482-9 Medical Aid in Dying Outpatient Progress note
100483-7 Mental health Outpatient Progress note
100484-5 Multi-specialty program Outpatient Progress note
100485-2 Neonatal perinatal medicine Outpatient Progress note
100486-0 Nephrology Outpatient Progress note
100487-8 Neurological surgery Outpatient Progress note
100488-6 Neurology Outpatient Progress note
100489-4 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Outpatient Progress note
100490-2 Nurse practitioner Outpatient Progress note
100491-0 Nurse Outpatient Progress note
100492-8 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Progress note
100493-6 Obstetrics and Gynecology Outpatient Progress note
100494-4 Obstetrics Outpatient Progress note
100495-1 Occupational therapy Outpatient Progress note
100496-9 Oncology Outpatient Progress note
100497-7 Ophthalmology Outpatient Progress note
100498-5 Optometry Outpatient Progress note
100499-3 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Outpatient Progress note
100500-8 Orthopaedic surgery Outpatient Progress note
100501-6 Orthotics prosthetics Outpatient Progress note
100502-4 Otolaryngology Outpatient Progress note
100503-2 Pain medicine Outpatient Progress note
100504-0 Palliative care Outpatient Progress note
100505-7 Pediatric cardiology Outpatient Progress note
100506-5 Pediatric dermatology Outpatient Progress note
100507-3 Pediatric endocrinology Outpatient Progress note
100508-1 Pediatric gastroenterology Outpatient Progress note
100509-9 Pediatric hematology-oncology Outpatient Progress note
100510-7 Pediatric infectious diseases Outpatient Progress note
100511-5 Pediatric otolaryngology Outpatient Progress note
100512-3 Pediatric pulmonology Outpatient Progress note
100513-1 Pediatric rheumatology Outpatient Progress note
100514-9 Pediatric surgery Outpatient Progress note
100515-6 Pediatric transplant hepatology Outpatient Progress note
100516-4 Pediatric urology Outpatient Progress note
100517-2 Pharmacogenomics Outpatient Progress note
100518-0 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Progress note
100519-8 Physical therapy Outpatient Progress note
100520-6 Plastic surgery Outpatient Progress note
100521-4 Podiatry Outpatient Progress note
100523-0 Psychology Outpatient Progress note
100524-8 Pulmonary Outpatient Progress note
100525-5 Radiation oncology Outpatient Progress note
100526-3 Radiology Outpatient Progress note
100527-1 Recreational therapy Outpatient Progress note
100528-9 Reproductive endocrinology and infertility Outpatient Progress note
100529-7 Research Outpatient Progress note
100530-5 Rheumatology Outpatient Progress note
100531-3 Sleep medicine Outpatient Progress note
100532-1 Social worker Outpatient Progress note
100533-9 Solid Organ Transplant Outpatient Progress note
100534-7 Speech-language pathology Outpatient Progress note
100535-4 Spinal surgery Outpatient Progress note
100536-2 Sports medicine Outpatient Progress note
100537-0 Surgery of the hand Outpatient Progress note
100539-6 Thromboembolism Outpatient Progress note
100540-4 Transplant surgery Outpatient Progress note
100541-2 Trauma Outpatient Progress note
100542-0 Urology Outpatient Progress note
100543-8 Vascular neurology Outpatient Progress note
100544-6 Vascular surgery Outpatient Progress note
100545-3 Wound care management Outpatient Progress note
100546-1 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Outpatient Progress note
100656-8 Maternal and fetal medicine Outpatient Progress note
100661-8 Psychiatry Outpatient Progress note
100697-2 Interventional radiology Outpatient Note
24611-6 Outpatient Consultation 2nd opinion
34101-6 General medicine Outpatient Consult note
34108-1 Outpatient Note
34110-7 Diabetology Outpatient Note
34120-6 Outpatient Initial evaluation note
34124-8 Cardiology Outpatient Progress note
34127-1 Dentistry Hygienist Outpatient Progress note
34128-9 Dentistry Outpatient Progress note
34131-3 Outpatient Progress note
34132-1 Pharmacology Outpatient Progress note
34134-7 Attending Outpatient Supervisory note
34135-4 Cardiology Attending Outpatient Supervisory note
34136-2 Gastroenterology Attending Outpatient Supervisory note
34137-0 Outpatient Surgical operation note
34749-2 Anesthesiology Outpatient Consult note
34753-4 Cardiology Outpatient Note
34766-6 General medicine Outpatient Note
34850-8 Cardiothoracic surgery Outpatient Note
34854-0 Vascular surgery Outpatient Note
34867-2 Ophthalmology Outpatient Postoperative evaluation and management note
34901-9 General medicine Outpatient Progress note
34902-7 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Education note
51845-6 Outpatient Consult note
67855-7 Outpatient Education note
67865-6 Outpatient Supervisory note
68601-4 Psychiatry Outpatient Note
75436-6 Internal medicine Outpatient Note
75443-2 Mental health Outpatient Note
75453-1 Nurse Outpatient Note
75462-2 Ophthalmology Outpatient Note
75469-7 Pharmacology Outpatient Note
75480-4 Podiatry Outpatient Note
75483-8 Preventive medicine Outpatient Note
75493-7 Surgery Outpatient Note
75501-7 Urology Outpatient Note
75609-8 Birth defects Outpatient Registry report
83519-9 Cardiology Attending Outpatient Note
83528-0 Cardiology Fellow Outpatient Note
83532-2 Cardiology Nurse Outpatient Note
83556-1 Nurse practitioner Outpatient Note
83566-0 Allergy and Immunology Nurse Outpatient Note
83569-4 Dermatology Nurse Outpatient Note
83572-8 Diabetology Nurse Outpatient Note
83573-6 Endocrinology Nurse Outpatient Note
83574-4 Ophthalmology Nurse Outpatient Note
83576-9 Gastroenterology Nurse Outpatient Note
83580-1 Hematology+Medical oncology Nurse Outpatient Note
83584-3 Nephrology Nurse Outpatient Note
83586-8 Neurology Nurse Outpatient Note
83588-4 Obstetrics and gynecology Nurse Outpatient Note
83591-8 Otolaryngology Nurse Outpatient Note
83596-7 Rheumatology Nurse Outpatient Note
83598-3 Urology Nurse Outpatient Note
83604-9 Orthopaedic surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83606-4 Plastic surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83608-0 Podiatry Nurse Outpatient Note
83615-5 Surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83616-3 Surgery Nurse Outpatient procedure note
83619-7 Vascular surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83623-9 Geriatric medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
83627-0 Infectious disease Nurse Outpatient Note
83634-6 Mental health Nurse Outpatient Note
83639-5 Pulmonary Nurse Outpatient Note
83648-6 Pain medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
83649-4 Pain medicine Outpatient Initial evaluation note
83650-2 Pain medicine Outpatient Note
83651-0 Pain medicine Outpatient procedure note
83674-2 Surgery Attending Outpatient Note
83724-5 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Initial evaluation note
83725-2 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Note
83788-0 Pulmonary Attending Outpatient Note
83798-9 Physician Outpatient Note
83808-6 Physician assistant Outpatient Note
83821-9 Attending Outpatient Note
83852-4 Plastic surgery Outpatient Note
83860-7 Podiatry Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
83890-4 Psychiatry Outpatient Group counseling note
83905-0 Psychology Outpatient Note
83915-9 Pulmonary Outpatient Note
83918-3 Radiation oncology Outpatient Note
83928-2 Recreational therapy Outpatient Note
83937-3 Research Outpatient Note
83945-6 Respiratory therapy Outpatient Note
83948-0 Rheumatology Outpatient Note
83975-3 Social worker Outpatient Group counseling note
83976-1 Social worker Outpatient Note
84003-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
84004-1 Spinal cord injury medicine Outpatient Annual evaluation note
84005-8 Spinal cord injury medicine Outpatient Note
84018-1 Surgery Outpatient Discharge summary
84019-9 Surgery Outpatient History and physical note
84020-7 Surgery Outpatient Surgical operation note
84021-5 Surgery Outpatient procedure note
84032-2 Team Outpatient Note
84036-3 Transplant surgery Outpatient Note
84044-7 Urology Outpatient procedure note
84051-2 Vascular surgery Outpatient Postoperative evaluation and management note
84057-9 Allergy and Immunology Outpatient Note
84060-3 Anesthesiology Outpatient Note
84080-1 Dermatology Outpatient Note
84081-9 Dermatology Outpatient procedure note
84089-2 Diabetology Outpatient Group counseling note
84090-0 Diabetology Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84091-8 Diabetology Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
84099-1 Endocrinology Outpatient Note
84107-2 Gastroenterology Outpatient Note
84118-9 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84119-7 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Note
84129-6 Surgery of the hand Outpatient Note
84145-2 Hematology+Medical oncology Outpatient Consult note
84146-0 Hematology+Medical oncology Outpatient Note
84157-7 Hepatology Outpatient Note
84169-2 Infectious disease Outpatient Note
84184-1 Kinesiotherapy Outpatient Note
84189-0 Licensed practical nurse Outpatient Note
84207-0 Mental health Outpatient Group counseling note
84208-8 Mental health Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84209-6 Mental health Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
84210-4 Mental health Outpatient Plan of care note
84222-9 Nephrology Outpatient Note
84229-4 Neurology Outpatient Note
84237-7 Neurological surgery Outpatient Note
84265-8 Nurse Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
84266-6 Nurse Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84267-4 Nurse Outpatient Medication management note
84268-2 Nurse Outpatient Surgical operation note
84269-0 Nurse Outpatient Triage note
84288-0 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84289-8 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Note
84290-6 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
84318-5 Physical therapy Outpatient Note
84319-3 Physical therapy Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84320-1 Physical therapy Outpatient Education note
84321-9 Physical therapy Outpatient Discharge summary
84335-9 Pathology Outpatient Note
84341-7 Pastoral care Outpatient Note
84355-7 Palliative care Outpatient Note
84361-5 Interdisciplinary Outpatient Note
84364-9 Otolaryngology Outpatient Note
84370-6 Orthotics prosthetics Outpatient Note
84375-5 Orthopaedic surgery Outpatient procedure note
84376-3 Orthopaedic surgery Outpatient Note
84381-3 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Outpatient Note
84384-7 Obstetrics and Gynecology Outpatient Note
84390-4 Occupational medicine Outpatient Note
84400-1 Occupational therapy Outpatient Note
84408-4 Ophthalmology Outpatient procedure note
84411-8 Optometry Outpatient Note
85162-6 Pharmacology Nurse Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
85163-4 Pharmacology Outpatient Counseling note
85164-2 Pharmacology Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
85165-9 Pharmacology Outpatient Evaluation and management of hyperlipidemia note
85166-7 Pharmacology Outpatient Medication management note
85202-0 Outpatient Evaluation and management of smoking cessation note
85225-1 Case manager Outpatient Note
85858-9 Womens health Outpatient Note
85859-7 Womens health Outpatient Letter
85860-5 Womens health Outpatient History and physical note
85861-3 Womens health Nurse Outpatient Note
85945-4 Surgery Outpatient Postoperative evaluation and management note
85946-2 Surgery Outpatient Preoperative evaluation and management note
85947-0 Surgery Nurse Outpatient Preoperative evaluation and management note
87249-9 Addiction medicine Outpatient Note
87270-5 Nurse Outpatient Immunization note
89430-3 Outpatient Medical history screening form
89460-0 Obstetrics Outpatient Note
89461-8 Gynecology Outpatient Note
89462-6 Obstetrics Nurse Outpatient Note
89463-4 Gynecology Nurse Outpatient Note
89877-5 Clinical genetics Outpatient Note
89878-3 Adolescent medicine Outpatient Note
89879-1 Pediatrics Outpatient Note
89880-9 Neonatal perinatal medicine Outpatient Note
89881-7 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Outpatient Note
89882-5 Sports medicine Outpatient Note
90005-0 Pharmacogenomics Outpatient Note
90708-9 Trauma Outpatient Note
90711-3 Sleep medicine Outpatient Note
91984-5 Outpatient Care management note
91985-2 Integrative medicine Outpatient Note
92909-1 Aerodigestive medicine Outpatient Note
92911-7 Eating disorders Outpatient Note
92914-1 Immunology Outpatient Note
93036-2 Cleft and Craniofacial Outpatient Note
93954-6 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Outpatient Note
95408-1 Cardiopulmonary Outpatient Note
95592-2 Cardiac surgery Outpatient Note
96336-3 Environmental health Outpatient Note
96337-1 Hematology Outpatient Note
96341-3 Obesity medicine Outpatient Note
96343-9 Oncology Outpatient Note
96345-4 Outpatient Summary note
96348-8 Radiology Outpatient Note
96352-0 Wound care management Outpatient Note
97711-6 Heart failure Outpatient Note
97731-4 Outpatient Stroke prevention note
98145-6 Outpatient Visit notification