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Maturity: Beta

  1. The LOINC Groups project is a work in progress. The contents of this file may change from release to release as we receive feedback from users and refine our processes.
  2. The contents of the file and the groupings MUST be validated by the user prior to implementation in any aspect of clinical care. We have created Groups that may be useful in specific contexts, but these Groups have not been vetted for use in either patient care or research and should be used with caution.
  3. More information on LOINC Groups is available on our website.

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LG41822-4  DocOnt<SAME:Setting><ROLLUP:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument|SMD|Role>
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Document groups

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LOINC terms in Group

LOINC Long Common Name
100522-2 Psychiatry Hospital Progress note
100547-9 Adolescent medicine Hospital Progress note
100548-7 Allergy and Immunology Hospital Progress note
100549-5 Allergy Hospital Progress note
100550-3 Attending Hospital Progress note
100551-1 Audiology Hospital Progress note
100552-9 Bariatric surgery Hospital Progress note
100553-7 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Hospital Progress note
100554-5 Bone Marrow Transplant Hospital Progress note
100555-2 Breastfeeding Hospital Progress note
100556-0 Burn management Hospital Progress note
100557-8 Cardiac surgery Hospital Progress note
100558-6 Cardiopulmonary Hospital Progress note
100559-4 Child and adolescent psychiatry Hospital Progress note
100560-2 Clinical cardiac electrophysiology Hospital Progress note
100561-0 Clinical genetics Hospital Progress note
100562-8 Clinical neurophysiology Hospital Progress note
100563-6 Clinical pathology Hospital Progress note
100564-4 Colon and rectal surgery Hospital Progress note
100565-1 Consultant Hospital Progress note
100566-9 Dentistry Hospital Progress note
100567-7 Dermatology Hospital Progress note
100568-5 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Hospital Progress note
100569-3 Dialysis and Therapeutic apheresis Hospital Progress note
100570-1 Eating disorders Hospital Progress note
100571-9 Endocrinology Hospital Progress note
100572-7 Family medicine Hospital Progress note
100573-5 Gastroenterology Hospital Progress note
100574-3 General medicine Hospital Progress note
100575-0 Geriatric medicine Hospital Progress note
100576-8 Gynecologic oncology Hospital Progress note
100577-6 Gynecology Hospital Progress note
100578-4 Healthcare navigator Hospital Progress note
100579-2 Heart failure Hospital Progress note
100580-0 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Hospital Progress note
100581-8 Hematology Hospital Progress note
100582-6 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Progress note
100583-4 Hepatology Hospital Progress note
100584-2 Immunology Hospital Progress note
100585-9 Infectious disease Hospital Progress note
100586-7 Internal medicine Hospital Progress note
100587-5 Interventional cardiology Hospital Progress note
100588-3 Interventional radiology Hospital Progress note
100589-1 Hospital Mechanical circulatory support Progress note
100590-9 Medical Aid in Dying Hospital Progress note
100591-7 Mental health Hospital Progress note
100592-5 Multi-specialty program Hospital Progress note
100593-3 Neonatal perinatal medicine Hospital Progress note
100594-1 Nephrology Hospital Progress note
100595-8 Neurological surgery Hospital Progress note
100596-6 Neurology Hospital Progress note
100597-4 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Progress note
100598-2 Nurse practitioner Hospital Progress note
100599-0 Nurse Hospital Progress note
100600-6 Nutrition and dietetics Hospital Progress note
100601-4 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Progress note
100602-2 Obstetrics Hospital Progress note
100603-0 Occupational therapy Hospital Progress note
100604-8 Oncology Hospital Progress note
100605-5 Ophthalmology Hospital Progress note
100606-3 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Hospital Progress note
100607-1 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Progress note
100608-9 Orthotics prosthetics Hospital Progress note
100609-7 Otolaryngology Hospital Progress note
100610-5 Pain medicine Hospital Progress note
100611-3 Palliative care Hospital Progress note
100612-1 Pastoral care Hospital Progress note
100613-9 Pediatric cardiology Hospital Progress note
100614-7 Pediatric dermatology Hospital Progress note
100615-4 Pediatric endocrinology Hospital Progress note
100616-2 Pediatric gastroenterology Hospital Progress note
100617-0 Pediatric hematology-oncology Hospital Progress note
100618-8 Pediatric infectious diseases Hospital Progress note
100619-6 Pediatric otolaryngology Hospital Progress note
100620-4 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Progress note
100621-2 Pediatric rheumatology Hospital Progress note
100622-0 Pediatric surgery Hospital Progress note
100623-8 Pediatric transplant hepatology Hospital Progress note
100624-6 Pharmacogenomics Hospital Progress note
100625-3 Pharmacology Hospital Progress note
100626-1 Physical medicine and rehab Hospital Progress note
100627-9 Physical therapy Hospital Progress note
100628-7 Plastic surgery Hospital Progress note
100629-5 Podiatry Hospital Progress note
100630-3 Psychology Hospital Progress note
100631-1 Radiation oncology Hospital Progress note
100632-9 Radiology Hospital Progress note
100633-7 Rapid response team Hospital Progress note
100634-5 Recreational therapy Hospital Progress note
100635-2 Reproductive endocrinology and infertility Hospital Progress note
100636-0 Research Hospital Progress note
100637-8 Rheumatology Hospital Progress note
100638-6 Sleep medicine Hospital Progress note
100639-4 Social worker Hospital Progress note
100640-2 Solid Organ Transplant Hospital Progress note
100641-0 Speech-language pathology Hospital Progress note
100642-8 Spinal surgery Hospital Progress note
100643-6 Surgery of the hand Hospital Progress note
100644-4 Thromboembolism Hospital Progress note
100645-1 Trauma Hospital Progress note
100646-9 Urology Hospital Progress note
100647-7 Vascular neurology Hospital Progress note
100648-5 Vascular surgery Hospital Progress note
100649-3 Wound care management Hospital Progress note
100650-1 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Hospital Progress note
100651-9 Hospital COVID-19 Intubation Progress note
100658-4 Hospital COVID-19 Progress note
100659-2 Maternal and fetal medicine Hospital Progress note
11492-6 Provider-unspecifed, History and physical note
34094-3 Cardiology Hospital Admission history and physical note
34102-4 Psychiatry Hospital Consult note
34104-0 Hospital Consult note
34105-7 Hospital Discharge summary
34106-5 Physician Hospital Discharge summary
34112-3 Hospital Note
34114-9 Hospital Group counseling note
34115-6 Medical student Hospital History and physical note
34123-0 Anesthesiology Hospital Preoperative evaluation and management note
34130-5 Hospital Progress note
34862-3 General medicine Attending Hospital Admission evaluation note
47039-3 Hospital Admission history and physical note
47041-9 Hospital Consultation 2nd opinion
47044-3 Hospital Initial evaluation note
64053-2 General medicine Hospital Admission evaluation note
64054-0 General medicine Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64055-7 General medicine Medical student Hospital Progress note
64056-5 General medicine Medical student Hospital Consult note
64057-3 Surgery Hospital Progress note
64058-1 Critical care medicine Hospital Admission evaluation note
64059-9 Critical care medicine Hospital Progress note
64060-7 Cardiothoracic surgery Hospital Admission evaluation note
64061-5 Cardiothoracic surgery Hospital Progress note
64062-3 Pulmonary Hospital Admission evaluation note
64063-1 Pulmonary Hospital Progress note
64064-9 Pastoral care Hospital Evaluation note
64065-6 Case manager Hospital Initial evaluation note
64066-4 Surgery Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64067-2 Surgery Medical student Hospital Progress note
64068-0 Surgery Medical student Hospital Consult note
64069-8 Critical care medicine Attending Hospital Note
64070-6 Critical care medicine Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64071-4 Critical care medicine Medical student Hospital Progress note
64072-2 Critical care medicine Medical student Hospital Consult note
64073-0 Cardiothoracic surgery Attending Hospital Note
64074-8 Cardiothoracic surgery Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64075-5 Cardiothoracic surgery Medical student Hospital Progress note
64076-3 Cardiothoracic surgery Medical student Hospital Consult note
64077-1 Pulmonary Attending Hospital Note
64078-9 Pulmonary Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64079-7 Pulmonary Medical student Hospital Progress note
64080-5 Pulmonary Medical student Hospital Consult note
64142-3 Hospital Evaluation and management of smoking cessation note
67852-4 Hospital Admission evaluation note
68469-6 Pastoral care Hospital Consult note
68470-4 Respiratory therapy Hospital Initial evaluation note
68471-2 Cardiology Hospital Admission evaluation note
68472-0 Cardiology Hospital Progress note
68473-8 Critical care medicine Attending Hospital Progress note
68474-6 Physician Hospital Restraint note
68475-3 General medicine Attending Hospital Progress note
68476-1 Nurse Hospital Restraint note
68477-9 Nurse Hospital Education note
68478-7 Pulmonary Attending Hospital Progress note
68479-5 Respiratory therapy Hospital Progress note
68480-3 Surgery Attending Hospital Progress note
68481-1 Cardiothoracic surgery Attending Hospital Progress note
68482-9 Nurse Hospital Transfer summary note
68483-7 Cardiology Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
68484-5 Cardiology Attending Hospital Progress note
68485-2 Cardiology Medical student Hospital Progress note
68486-0 Cardiology Medical student Hospital Consult note
68551-1 Dermatology Hospital Consult note
68555-2 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Letter
68566-9 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Consult note
68567-7 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Letter
68570-1 Occupational therapy Hospital Consult note
68571-9 Occupational therapy Hospital Letter
68575-0 Ophthalmology Hospital Consult note
68576-8 Ophthalmology Hospital Letter
68584-2 Deprecated Orthopedic surgery Hospital Consult note
68585-9 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Letter
68586-7 Pharmacology Hospital Consult note
68587-5 Pharmacology Hospital Medication management note
68590-9 Physical therapy Hospital Consult note
68597-4 Plastic surgery Hospital Consult note
68598-2 Plastic surgery Hospital Letter
68603-0 Radiation oncology Hospital Summary note
68605-5 Recreational therapy Hospital Education note
68606-3 Surgery Hospital Postoperative evaluation and management note
68609-7 Hospital Letter
68610-5 Hospital Postoperative evaluation and management note
68619-6 Adolescent medicine Hospital Consult note
68620-4 Adolescent medicine Hospital Letter
68624-6 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Hospital Letter
68633-7 Allergy and Immunology Hospital Consult note
68634-5 Allergy and Immunology Hospital Letter
68639-4 Audiology Hospital Consult note
68640-2 Audiology Hospital Diagnostic study note
68648-5 Child and adolescent psychiatry Hospital Consult note
68649-3 Child and adolescent psychiatry Hospital Letter
68651-9 Clinical biochemical genetics Hospital Consult note
68661-8 Clinical genetics Hospital Consult note
68662-6 Clinical genetics Hospital Letter
68670-9 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Hospital Consult note
68671-7 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Hospital Letter
68681-6 Multi-specialty program Hospital Consult note
68682-4 Multi-specialty program Hospital Letter
68685-7 Neonatal perinatal medicine Hospital Consult note
68686-5 Neonatal perinatal medicine Hospital Letter
68694-9 Neurological surgery Hospital Consult note
68695-6 Neurological surgery Hospital Letter
68705-3 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Consult note
68706-1 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Diagnostic study note
68707-9 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Letter
68716-0 Pain medicine Hospital Consult note
68717-8 Pain medicine Hospital Letter
68727-7 Pediatric cardiology Hospital Consult note
68728-5 Pediatric cardiology Hospital Letter
68729-3 Pediatric critical care medicine Hospital procedure note
68746-7 Pediatric gastroenterology Hospital Consult note
68747-5 Pediatric gastroenterology Hospital Letter
68757-4 Pediatric hematology-oncology Hospital Consult note
68758-2 Pediatric hematology-oncology Hospital Letter
68765-7 Pediatric infectious diseases Hospital Consult note
68766-5 Pediatric infectious diseases Hospital Letter
68787-1 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Consult note
68788-9 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Diagnostic study note
68789-7 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Letter
68802-8 Pediatric surgery Hospital Consult note
68803-6 Pediatric surgery Hospital Letter
68812-7 Pediatric urology Hospital Consult note
68813-5 Pediatric urology Hospital Letter
68821-8 Pediatrics Hospital Consult note
68822-6 Pediatrics Hospital Diagnostic study note
68823-4 Pediatrics Hospital Discharge summary
68825-9 Pediatrics Hospital History and physical note
68826-7 Pediatrics Hospital Letter
68827-5 Pediatrics Hospital Note
68828-3 Pediatrics Hospital Preoperative evaluation and management note
68829-1 Pediatrics Hospital procedure note
68830-9 Pediatrics Hospital Progress note
68837-4 Primary care Hospital Consult note
68838-2 Primary care Hospital Letter
68846-5 Speech-language pathology Hospital Consult note
68847-3 Speech-language pathology Hospital Letter
68852-3 Transplant surgery Hospital Consult note
68853-1 Transplant surgery Hospital Letter
68864-8 Pediatric transplant hepatology Hospital Consult note
68865-5 Pediatric transplant hepatology Hospital Letter
68869-7 Pediatric nephrology Hospital Consult note
68870-5 Pediatric nephrology Hospital Letter
68874-7 Pediatric otolaryngology Hospital Consult note
68875-4 Pediatric otolaryngology Hospital Letter
68879-6 Pediatric rheumatology Hospital Consult note
68880-4 Pediatric rheumatology Hospital Letter
68884-6 Pediatrics Hospital Transfer summary note
68892-9 Pediatric dermatology Hospital Consult note
68893-7 Pediatric dermatology Hospital Letter
68897-8 Pediatric endocrinology Hospital Consult note
68898-6 Pediatric endocrinology Hospital Letter
70238-1 Transplant surgery Hospital Progress note
75434-1 Internal medicine Hospital Note
75449-9 Nurse Hospital Note
77410-9 Cardiology Hospital Discharge teaching note
79429-7 Hospital Admission notification
79430-5 Hospital Discharge notification
83554-6 Nurse practitioner Hospital Note
83610-6 Psychiatry Nurse Hospital Note
83612-2 Surgery Nurse Hospital Note
83631-2 Mental health Nurse Hospital Note
83644-5 Pain medicine Hospital Note
83669-2 Psychiatry Attending Hospital Note
83718-7 Physical medicine and rehab Hospital Admission evaluation note
83719-5 Physical medicine and rehab Hospital Note
83746-8 Spinal cord injury medicine Fellow Hospital Note
83777-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Resident Hospital Note
83800-3 Physician Hospital Note
83814-4 Physician assistant Hospital Note
83822-7 Attending Hospital Note
83831-8 Dentistry Hospital Note
83851-6 Plastic surgery Hospital Note
83859-9 Podiatry Hospital Note
83885-4 Psychiatry Hospital Group counseling note
83886-2 Psychiatry Hospital History and physical note
83887-0 Psychiatry Hospital Note
83903-5 Psychology Hospital Note
83914-2 Pulmonary Hospital Transfer summary note
83917-5 Radiation oncology Hospital Note
83924-1 Recreational therapy Hospital Note
83943-1 Respiratory therapy Hospital Note
83947-2 Rheumatology Hospital Note
83952-2 Registered nurse Hospital Note
83965-4 Social worker Hospital Note
83999-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Hospital Note
84042-1 Urology Hospital Note
84049-6 Vascular surgery Hospital Note
84059-5 Anesthesiology Hospital Note
84078-5 Dermatology Hospital Note
84087-6 Diabetology Hospital Note
84098-3 Endocrinology Hospital Note
84105-6 Gastroenterology Hospital Note
84114-8 Geriatric medicine Hospital Note
84127-0 Surgery of the hand Hospital Note
84142-9 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Consult note
84143-7 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Note
84168-4 Infectious disease Hospital Note
84172-6 Interdisciplinary Hospital Plan of care note
84200-5 Mental health Hospital Admission evaluation note
84201-3 Mental health Hospital Group counseling note
84202-1 Mental health Hospital Note
84203-9 Mental health Hospital Plan of care note
84220-3 Nephrology Hospital Note
84221-1 Nephrology Hospital Transfer summary note
84227-8 Neurology Hospital Note
84228-6 Neurology Hospital Transfer summary note
84236-9 Neurological surgery Hospital Note
84253-4 Nurse Hospital Admission evaluation note
84254-2 Nurse Hospital Discharge summary
84284-9 Nutrition and dietetics Hospital Note
84304-5 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Note
84326-8 Physical therapy Hospital Note
84327-6 Physical therapy Hospital Initial evaluation note
84328-4 Physical therapy Hospital Discharge summary
84343-3 Pastoral care Hospital Note
84365-6 Otolaryngology Hospital Note
84377-1 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Note
84397-9 Occupational therapy Hospital Note
84407-6 Ophthalmology Hospital Note
85157-6 Pharmacology Hospital Note
85184-0 Hospital Transfer summary note
85218-6 Internal medicine Attending Hospital Note
85471-1 Hospital Medication management note
85580-9 Birth defects Hospital Registry report
8653-8 Hospital Discharge instructions
87246-5 Addiction medicine Hospital Note
89446-9 Obstetrics Hospital Consult note
89447-7 Gynecology Hospital Consult note
89448-5 Obstetrics Hospital Letter
89449-3 Gynecology Hospital Letter
89458-4 Obstetrics Hospital Note
89459-2 Gynecology Hospital Note
90757-6 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Social worker Hospital Note
96339-7 Hospital Summary note