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100522-2 Psychiatry Hospital Progress note
100547-9 Adolescent medicine Hospital Progress note
100548-7 Allergy and Immunology Hospital Progress note
100549-5 Allergy Hospital Progress note
100550-3 Attending Hospital Progress note
100551-1 Audiology Hospital Progress note
100552-9 Bariatric surgery Hospital Progress note
100553-7 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Hospital Progress note
100554-5 Bone Marrow Transplant Hospital Progress note
100555-2 Breastfeeding Hospital Progress note
100556-0 Burn management Hospital Progress note
100557-8 Cardiac surgery Hospital Progress note
100558-6 Cardiopulmonary Hospital Progress note
100559-4 Child and adolescent psychiatry Hospital Progress note
100560-2 Clinical cardiac electrophysiology Hospital Progress note
100561-0 Clinical genetics Hospital Progress note
100562-8 Clinical neurophysiology Hospital Progress note
100563-6 Clinical pathology Hospital Progress note
100564-4 Colon and rectal surgery Hospital Progress note
100565-1 Consultant Hospital Progress note
100566-9 Dentistry Hospital Progress note
100567-7 Dermatology Hospital Progress note
100568-5 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Hospital Progress note
100569-3 Dialysis and Therapeutic apheresis Hospital Progress note
100570-1 Eating disorders Hospital Progress note
100571-9 Endocrinology Hospital Progress note
100572-7 Family medicine Hospital Progress note
100573-5 Gastroenterology Hospital Progress note
100574-3 General medicine Hospital Progress note
100575-0 Geriatric medicine Hospital Progress note
100576-8 Gynecologic oncology Hospital Progress note
100577-6 Gynecology Hospital Progress note
100578-4 Healthcare navigator Hospital Progress note
100579-2 Heart failure Hospital Progress note
100580-0 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Hospital Progress note
100581-8 Hematology Hospital Progress note
100582-6 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Progress note
100583-4 Hepatology Hospital Progress note
100584-2 Immunology Hospital Progress note
100585-9 Infectious disease Hospital Progress note
100586-7 Internal medicine Hospital Progress note
100587-5 Interventional cardiology Hospital Progress note
100588-3 Interventional radiology Hospital Progress note
100589-1 Hospital Mechanical circulatory support Progress note
100590-9 Medical Aid in Dying Hospital Progress note
100591-7 Mental health Hospital Progress note
100592-5 Multi-specialty program Hospital Progress note
100593-3 Neonatal perinatal medicine Hospital Progress note
100594-1 Nephrology Hospital Progress note
100595-8 Neurological surgery Hospital Progress note
100596-6 Neurology Hospital Progress note
100597-4 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Progress note
100598-2 Nurse practitioner Hospital Progress note
100599-0 Nurse Hospital Progress note
100600-6 Nutrition and dietetics Hospital Progress note
100601-4 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Progress note
100602-2 Obstetrics Hospital Progress note
100603-0 Occupational therapy Hospital Progress note
100604-8 Oncology Hospital Progress note
100605-5 Ophthalmology Hospital Progress note
100606-3 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Hospital Progress note
100607-1 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Progress note
100608-9 Orthotics prosthetics Hospital Progress note
100609-7 Otolaryngology Hospital Progress note
100610-5 Pain medicine Hospital Progress note
100611-3 Palliative care Hospital Progress note
100612-1 Pastoral care Hospital Progress note
100613-9 Pediatric cardiology Hospital Progress note
100614-7 Pediatric dermatology Hospital Progress note
100615-4 Pediatric endocrinology Hospital Progress note
100616-2 Pediatric gastroenterology Hospital Progress note
100617-0 Pediatric hematology-oncology Hospital Progress note
100618-8 Pediatric infectious diseases Hospital Progress note
100619-6 Pediatric otolaryngology Hospital Progress note
100620-4 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Progress note
100621-2 Pediatric rheumatology Hospital Progress note
100622-0 Pediatric surgery Hospital Progress note
100623-8 Pediatric transplant hepatology Hospital Progress note
100624-6 Pharmacogenomics Hospital Progress note
100625-3 Pharmacology Hospital Progress note
100626-1 Physical medicine and rehab Hospital Progress note
100627-9 Physical therapy Hospital Progress note
100628-7 Plastic surgery Hospital Progress note
100629-5 Podiatry Hospital Progress note
100630-3 Psychology Hospital Progress note
100631-1 Radiation oncology Hospital Progress note
100632-9 Radiology Hospital Progress note
100633-7 Rapid response team Hospital Progress note
100634-5 Recreational therapy Hospital Progress note
100635-2 Reproductive endocrinology and infertility Hospital Progress note
100636-0 Research Hospital Progress note
100637-8 Rheumatology Hospital Progress note
100638-6 Sleep medicine Hospital Progress note
100639-4 Social worker Hospital Progress note
100640-2 Solid Organ Transplant Hospital Progress note
100641-0 Speech-language pathology Hospital Progress note
100642-8 Spinal surgery Hospital Progress note
100643-6 Surgery of the hand Hospital Progress note
100644-4 Thromboembolism Hospital Progress note
100645-1 Trauma Hospital Progress note
100646-9 Urology Hospital Progress note
100647-7 Vascular neurology Hospital Progress note
100648-5 Vascular surgery Hospital Progress note
100649-3 Wound care management Hospital Progress note
100650-1 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Hospital Progress note
100651-9 Hospital COVID-19 Intubation Progress note
100658-4 Hospital COVID-19 Progress note
100659-2 Maternal and fetal medicine Hospital Progress note
11492-6 Provider-unspecifed, History and physical note
34094-3 Cardiology Hospital Admission history and physical note
34102-4 Psychiatry Hospital Consult note
34104-0 Hospital Consult note
34105-7 Hospital Discharge summary
34106-5 Physician Hospital Discharge summary
34112-3 Hospital Note
34114-9 Hospital Group counseling note
34115-6 Medical student Hospital History and physical note
34123-0 Anesthesiology Hospital Preoperative evaluation and management note
34130-5 Hospital Progress note
34862-3 General medicine Attending Hospital Admission evaluation note
47039-3 Hospital Admission history and physical note
47041-9 Hospital Consultation 2nd opinion
47044-3 Hospital Initial evaluation note
64053-2 General medicine Hospital Admission evaluation note
64054-0 General medicine Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64055-7 General medicine Medical student Hospital Progress note
64056-5 General medicine Medical student Hospital Consult note
64057-3 Surgery Hospital Progress note
64058-1 Critical care medicine Hospital Admission evaluation note
64059-9 Critical care medicine Hospital Progress note
64060-7 Cardiothoracic surgery Hospital Admission evaluation note
64061-5 Cardiothoracic surgery Hospital Progress note
64062-3 Pulmonary Hospital Admission evaluation note
64063-1 Pulmonary Hospital Progress note
64064-9 Pastoral care Hospital Evaluation note
64065-6 Case manager Hospital Initial evaluation note
64066-4 Surgery Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64067-2 Surgery Medical student Hospital Progress note
64068-0 Surgery Medical student Hospital Consult note
64069-8 Critical care medicine Attending Hospital Note
64070-6 Critical care medicine Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64071-4 Critical care medicine Medical student Hospital Progress note
64072-2 Critical care medicine Medical student Hospital Consult note
64073-0 Cardiothoracic surgery Attending Hospital Note
64074-8 Cardiothoracic surgery Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64075-5 Cardiothoracic surgery Medical student Hospital Progress note
64076-3 Cardiothoracic surgery Medical student Hospital Consult note
64077-1 Pulmonary Attending Hospital Note
64078-9 Pulmonary Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
64079-7 Pulmonary Medical student Hospital Progress note
64080-5 Pulmonary Medical student Hospital Consult note
64142-3 Hospital Evaluation and management of smoking cessation note
67852-4 Hospital Admission evaluation note
68469-6 Pastoral care Hospital Consult note
68470-4 Respiratory therapy Hospital Initial evaluation note
68471-2 Cardiology Hospital Admission evaluation note
68472-0 Cardiology Hospital Progress note
68473-8 Critical care medicine Attending Hospital Progress note
68474-6 Physician Hospital Restraint note
68475-3 General medicine Attending Hospital Progress note
68476-1 Nurse Hospital Restraint note
68477-9 Nurse Hospital Education note
68478-7 Pulmonary Attending Hospital Progress note
68479-5 Respiratory therapy Hospital Progress note
68480-3 Surgery Attending Hospital Progress note
68481-1 Cardiothoracic surgery Attending Hospital Progress note
68482-9 Nurse Hospital Transfer summary note
68483-7 Cardiology Medical student Hospital Admission evaluation note
68484-5 Cardiology Attending Hospital Progress note
68485-2 Cardiology Medical student Hospital Progress note
68486-0 Cardiology Medical student Hospital Consult note
68551-1 Dermatology Hospital Consult note
68555-2 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Letter
68566-9 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Consult note
68567-7 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Letter
68570-1 Occupational therapy Hospital Consult note
68571-9 Occupational therapy Hospital Letter
68575-0 Ophthalmology Hospital Consult note
68576-8 Ophthalmology Hospital Letter
68584-2 Deprecated Orthopedic surgery Hospital Consult note
68585-9 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Letter
68586-7 Pharmacology Hospital Consult note
68587-5 Pharmacology Hospital Medication management note
68590-9 Physical therapy Hospital Consult note
68597-4 Plastic surgery Hospital Consult note
68598-2 Plastic surgery Hospital Letter
68603-0 Radiation oncology Hospital Summary note
68605-5 Recreational therapy Hospital Education note
68606-3 Surgery Hospital Postoperative evaluation and management note
68609-7 Hospital Letter
68610-5 Hospital Postoperative evaluation and management note
68619-6 Adolescent medicine Hospital Consult note
68620-4 Adolescent medicine Hospital Letter
68624-6 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Hospital Letter
68633-7 Allergy and Immunology Hospital Consult note
68634-5 Allergy and Immunology Hospital Letter
68639-4 Audiology Hospital Consult note
68640-2 Audiology Hospital Diagnostic study note
68648-5 Child and adolescent psychiatry Hospital Consult note
68649-3 Child and adolescent psychiatry Hospital Letter
68651-9 Clinical biochemical genetics Hospital Consult note
68661-8 Clinical genetics Hospital Consult note
68662-6 Clinical genetics Hospital Letter
68670-9 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Hospital Consult note
68671-7 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Hospital Letter
68681-6 Multi-specialty program Hospital Consult note
68682-4 Multi-specialty program Hospital Letter
68685-7 Neonatal perinatal medicine Hospital Consult note
68686-5 Neonatal perinatal medicine Hospital Letter
68694-9 Neurological surgery Hospital Consult note
68695-6 Neurological surgery Hospital Letter
68705-3 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Consult note
68706-1 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Diagnostic study note
68707-9 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Letter
68716-0 Pain medicine Hospital Consult note
68717-8 Pain medicine Hospital Letter
68727-7 Pediatric cardiology Hospital Consult note
68728-5 Pediatric cardiology Hospital Letter
68729-3 Pediatric critical care medicine Hospital procedure note
68746-7 Pediatric gastroenterology Hospital Consult note
68747-5 Pediatric gastroenterology Hospital Letter
68757-4 Pediatric hematology-oncology Hospital Consult note
68758-2 Pediatric hematology-oncology Hospital Letter
68765-7 Pediatric infectious diseases Hospital Consult note
68766-5 Pediatric infectious diseases Hospital Letter
68787-1 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Consult note
68788-9 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Diagnostic study note
68789-7 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Letter
68802-8 Pediatric surgery Hospital Consult note
68803-6 Pediatric surgery Hospital Letter
68812-7 Pediatric urology Hospital Consult note
68813-5 Pediatric urology Hospital Letter
68821-8 Pediatrics Hospital Consult note
68822-6 Pediatrics Hospital Diagnostic study note
68823-4 Pediatrics Hospital Discharge summary
68825-9 Pediatrics Hospital History and physical note
68826-7 Pediatrics Hospital Letter
68827-5 Pediatrics Hospital Note
68828-3 Pediatrics Hospital Preoperative evaluation and management note
68829-1 Pediatrics Hospital procedure note
68830-9 Pediatrics Hospital Progress note
68837-4 Primary care Hospital Consult note
68838-2 Primary care Hospital Letter
68846-5 Speech-language pathology Hospital Consult note
68847-3 Speech-language pathology Hospital Letter
68852-3 Transplant surgery Hospital Consult note
68853-1 Transplant surgery Hospital Letter
68864-8 Pediatric transplant hepatology Hospital Consult note
68865-5 Pediatric transplant hepatology Hospital Letter
68869-7 Pediatric nephrology Hospital Consult note
68870-5 Pediatric nephrology Hospital Letter
68874-7 Pediatric otolaryngology Hospital Consult note
68875-4 Pediatric otolaryngology Hospital Letter
68879-6 Pediatric rheumatology Hospital Consult note
68880-4 Pediatric rheumatology Hospital Letter
68884-6 Pediatrics Hospital Transfer summary note
68892-9 Pediatric dermatology Hospital Consult note
68893-7 Pediatric dermatology Hospital Letter
68897-8 Pediatric endocrinology Hospital Consult note
68898-6 Pediatric endocrinology Hospital Letter
70238-1 Transplant surgery Hospital Progress note
75434-1 Internal medicine Hospital Note
75449-9 Nurse Hospital Note
77410-9 Cardiology Hospital Discharge teaching note
79429-7 Hospital Admission notification
79430-5 Hospital Discharge notification
83554-6 Nurse practitioner Hospital Note
83610-6 Psychiatry Nurse Hospital Note
83612-2 Surgery Nurse Hospital Note
83631-2 Mental health Nurse Hospital Note
83644-5 Pain medicine Hospital Note
83669-2 Psychiatry Attending Hospital Note
83718-7 Physical medicine and rehab Hospital Admission evaluation note
83719-5 Physical medicine and rehab Hospital Note
83746-8 Spinal cord injury medicine Fellow Hospital Note
83777-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Resident Hospital Note
83800-3 Physician Hospital Note
83814-4 Physician assistant Hospital Note
83822-7 Attending Hospital Note
83831-8 Dentistry Hospital Note
83851-6 Plastic surgery Hospital Note
83859-9 Podiatry Hospital Note
83885-4 Psychiatry Hospital Group counseling note
83886-2 Psychiatry Hospital History and physical note
83887-0 Psychiatry Hospital Note
83903-5 Psychology Hospital Note
83914-2 Pulmonary Hospital Transfer summary note
83917-5 Radiation oncology Hospital Note
83924-1 Recreational therapy Hospital Note
83943-1 Respiratory therapy Hospital Note
83947-2 Rheumatology Hospital Note
83952-2 Registered nurse Hospital Note
83965-4 Social worker Hospital Note
83999-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Hospital Note
84042-1 Urology Hospital Note
84049-6 Vascular surgery Hospital Note
84059-5 Anesthesiology Hospital Note
84078-5 Dermatology Hospital Note
84087-6 Diabetology Hospital Note
84098-3 Endocrinology Hospital Note
84105-6 Gastroenterology Hospital Note
84114-8 Geriatric medicine Hospital Note
84127-0 Surgery of the hand Hospital Note
84142-9 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Consult note
84143-7 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Note
84168-4 Infectious disease Hospital Note
84172-6 Interdisciplinary Hospital Plan of care note
84200-5 Mental health Hospital Admission evaluation note
84201-3 Mental health Hospital Group counseling note
84202-1 Mental health Hospital Note
84203-9 Mental health Hospital Plan of care note
84220-3 Nephrology Hospital Note
84221-1 Nephrology Hospital Transfer summary note
84227-8 Neurology Hospital Note
84228-6 Neurology Hospital Transfer summary note
84236-9 Neurological surgery Hospital Note
84253-4 Nurse Hospital Admission evaluation note
84254-2 Nurse Hospital Discharge summary
84284-9 Nutrition and dietetics Hospital Note
84304-5 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Note
84326-8 Physical therapy Hospital Note
84327-6 Physical therapy Hospital Initial evaluation note
84328-4 Physical therapy Hospital Discharge summary
84343-3 Pastoral care Hospital Note
84365-6 Otolaryngology Hospital Note
84377-1 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Note
84397-9 Occupational therapy Hospital Note
84407-6 Ophthalmology Hospital Note
85157-6 Pharmacology Hospital Note
85184-0 Hospital Transfer summary note
85218-6 Internal medicine Attending Hospital Note
85471-1 Hospital Medication management note
85580-9 Birth defects Hospital Registry report
8653-8 Hospital Discharge instructions
87246-5 Addiction medicine Hospital Note
89446-9 Obstetrics Hospital Consult note
89447-7 Gynecology Hospital Consult note
89448-5 Obstetrics Hospital Letter
89449-3 Gynecology Hospital Letter
89458-4 Obstetrics Hospital Note
89459-2 Gynecology Hospital Note
90757-6 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Social worker Hospital Note
96339-7 Hospital Summary note