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LG50935-2Alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionate receptor 2 Ab.IgG|PrThr|Pt|CSFActive

Basic Attributes

Version First Released
Pending promotion to Production status
Parent Group
LG100-4   Chem_DrugTox_Chal_Sero_Allergy<SAME:Comp|Prop|Tm|Syst (except intravascular and urine)><ANYBldSerPlas,ANYUrineUrineSed><ROLLUP:Method>
Group Category
Flowsheet - laboratory

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LOINC Terms in this Group

82987-9 AMPAR2 IgG Ab [Presence] in Cerebral spinal fluid by Immunofluorescence
93491-9 AMPAR2 IgG Ab [Presence] in Cerebral spinal fluid by Cell binding immunofluorescent assay