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LG100-4   Chem_DrugTox_Chal_Sero_Allergy<SAME:Comp|Prop|Tm|Syst (except intravascular and urine)><ANYBldSerPlas,ANYUrineUrineSed><ROLLUP:Method>
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Flowsheet - laboratory

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LOINC Group Usage Notes

Several authors have studied agreement between arterial and venous blood measurements of potassium with blood gas analyzers and found good intra-patient agreement.[PMID:15788827][PMID:25859448][PMID:25885983] However, it is important to remember that the concentration of key electrolytes is influenced by the presence of hemolysis. In vitro hemolysis of red cells in a blood sample will cause release of K+ from RBCs and may produce an artefactual hyperkalemia. Laboratory assays of venous samples are screened for hemolysis, but blood gas electrolyte measurementsmay not be.[PMID:23314547][PMID:23724399]

Analyte (Component) Molecular Weight

39.098 g/mol

LOINC Terms in this Group

22760-3 Potassium [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma
75940-7 Potassium [Mass/volume] in Blood