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  2. The contents of the file and the groupings MUST be validated by the user prior to implementation in any aspect of clinical care. We have created Groups that may be useful in specific contexts, but these Groups have not been vetted for use in either patient care or research and should be used with caution.
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Group Description

This parent group contains groups for terms with the same Component, System of either 'Urine' or 'Urine sed', and any Property, Time aspect, or Method.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Basic Attributes

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ValueSet definition
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Groups within this Parent Group

LOINC Group Group Name
LG51352-9 Acanthocytes|Urine/Urine sed
LG40925-6 Acetaminophen crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG50093-0 Albumin|Urine/Urine sed
LG40874-6 Ammonium urate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG51351-1 Amorphous sediment|Urine/Urine sed
LG51053-3 Artifact|Urine/Urine sed
LG51360-2 Atypical crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG51361-0 Bacilliform bacteria|Urine/Urine sed
LG40875-3 Bacteria|Urine/Urine sed
LG40918-1 Bacterial casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40876-1 Bilirubin crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40907-4 Bilirubin|Urine/Urine sed
LG40857-1 Bladder cells|Urine/Urine sed
LG40895-1 Broad casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40877-9 Calcium carbonate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40878-7 Calcium oxalate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG51349-5 Calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG51358-6 Calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40879-5 Calcium phosphate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40880-3 Calcium sulfate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40928-0 Casts type not specified|Urine/Urine sed
LG40873-8 Casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40881-1 Cholesterol crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG51362-8 Cocci bacteria|Urine/Urine sed
LG51350-3 Crystal casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40930-6 Crystals unspecified|Urine/Urine sed
LG40959-5 Crystals.amorphous|Urine/Urine sed
LG40882-9 Crystals.unidentified|Urine/Urine sed
LG40926-4 Crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40883-7 Cystine crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40884-5 Eosinophils|Urine/Urine sed
LG40885-2 Epithelial casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40929-8 Epithelial cells.non-squamous|Urine/Urine sed
LG40860-5 Epithelial cells.renal|Urine/Urine sed
LG40856-3 Epithelial cells.squamous|Urine/Urine sed
LG40869-6 Epithelial cells|Urine/Urine sed
LG40900-9 Erythrocyte casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40961-1 Erythrocyte clumps|Urine/Urine sed
LG40971-0 Erythrocytes.dysmorphic|Urine/Urine sed
LG51347-9 Erythrocytes.ghost cells|Urine/Urine sed
LG51346-1 Erythrocytes.non-dysmorphic|Urine/Urine sed
LG40868-8 Erythrocytes|Urine/Urine sed
LG40892-8 Fat.microscopic observation|Urine/Urine sed
LG40960-3 Fat|Urine/Urine sed
LG40887-8 Fatty casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG51355-2 Free lipid droplets|Urine/Urine sed
LG40872-0 Fungi.filamentous|Urine/Urine sed
LG40871-2 Fungi.yeastlike|Urine/Urine sed
LG40865-4 Glucose|Urine/Urine sed
LG40897-7 Granular casts.coarse|Urine/Urine sed
LG40898-5 Granular casts.fine|Urine/Urine sed
LG40888-6 Granular casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40952-0 Hemoglobin|Urine/Urine sed
LG40889-4 Hippurate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40909-0 Histiocytes|Urine/Urine sed
LG40890-2 Hyaline casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG51356-0 Hyaline-granular casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40908-2 Ketones|Urine/Urine sed
LG40891-0 Leucine crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40899-3 Leukocyte casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40917-3 Leukocyte clumps|Urine/Urine sed
LG40953-8 Leukocyte esterase|Urine/Urine sed
LG40867-0 Leukocytes|Urine/Urine sed
LG51348-7 Lipids|Urine/Urine sed
LG51357-8 Microorganism casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40859-7 Microscopic observation|Urine/Urine sed
LG40922-3 Mixed cellular casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40937-1 Mucus|Urine/Urine sed
LG40911-6 Neutrophils|Urine/Urine sed
LG40866-2 Nitrite|Urine/Urine sed
LG40886-0 Oval fat bodies (globules)|Urine/Urine sed
LG40964-5 Pathologic casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40956-1 pH|Urine/Urine sed
LG40861-3 Phosphate crystals.amorphous|Urine/Urine sed
LG40870-4 Protein|Urine/Urine sed
LG40914-0 Pseudocasts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40896-9 Reducing substances|Urine/Urine sed
LG51363-6 Schistosoma haematobium|Urine/Urine sed
LG40916-5 Sodium urate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40958-7 Specific gravity|Urine/Urine sed
LG40902-5 Spermatozoa|Urine/Urine sed
LG40919-9 Starch granules|Urine/Urine sed
LG40904-1 Sulfonamide crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG51354-5 Transitional cells.deep|Urine/Urine sed
LG51353-7 Transitional cells.superficial|Urine/Urine sed
LG40894-4 Transitional cells|Urine/Urine sed
LG40920-7 Trichomonas sp|Urine/Urine sed
LG40931-4 Trichomonas vaginalis|Urine/Urine sed
LG40905-8 Triple phosphate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40915-7 Tyrosine crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40862-1 Urate crystals.amorphous|Urine/Urine sed
LG40903-3 Urate crystals|Urine/Urine sed
LG40864-7 Urobilinogen|Urine/Urine sed
LG40901-7 Waxy casts|Urine/Urine sed
LG40927-2 Yeast.budding|Urine/Urine sed
LG40923-1 Yeast.hyphae|Urine/Urine sed
LG40933-0 Yeast|Urine/Urine sed