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LL1104-0PhenX06_27_workspace renovationActive

Basic Properties

PhenX06_27_workspace renovation
No, Yes, During the Past 12 Months, Yes, 1-3 Years Ago, Yes, More than 3 Years Ago, I Don't Know
LOINCs Using This List

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
No Copyright http://snomed.info/sct ID:373067005 No (qualifier value) 1 LA32-8
Yes, during the past 12 months 2 LA14244-0
Yes, 1-3 years ago 3 LA14245-7
Yes, more than 3 years ago 4 LA14246-5
I don’t know 5 LA15599-6

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LOINC Terms That Use This Answer List

63831-2 Has there been renovation or repairs in your workspace because of moisture damage [FEAS]