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Basic Properties

Not true/Somewhat true/Very true
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Not true LA15368-6
Somewhat true LA14993-2
Very true LA15369-4

LOINC terms using this Answer List

67068-7 A childs behavior is a source of serious concern to you [PhenX]
67084-4 A long- term health problem prevents you from doing the things you like to do [PhenX]
67066-1 One of your children seems very unhappy [PhenX]
67071-1 One of your children spends too much time away from the house [PhenX]
67069-5 One or more children do not do well enough at school or work [PhenX]
67083-6 Someone in your family has an alcohol or drug problem [PhenX]
67081-0 Someone in your family or a close friend has a long-term illness or handicap [PhenX]
67079-4 The place you live is too noisy or too polluted [PhenX]
67087-7 There is too much pressure on you to be like other people [PhenX]
67088-5 Too much is expected of you by others [PhenX]
67064-6 You are alone too much [PhenX]
67050-5 You are looking for a job and can't find the one you want [PhenX]
67048-9 You don't get paid enough for what you do [PhenX]
67055-4 You don't get what you deserve out of your relationship [PhenX]
67075-2 You don't have enough friends [PhenX]
67089-3 You don't have enough money to buy the things you or your kids need [PhenX]
67042-2 You don't have enough money to make a down payment on a home [PhenX]
67041-4 You don't have enough money to take vacations [PhenX]
67076-0 You don't have time for your favorite leisure time activities [PhenX]
67063-8 You don't see your children from a former marriage as much as you would like [PhenX]
67072-9 You feel like being a housewife is not appreciated [PhenX]
67067-9 You feel your children don't listen to you [PhenX]
67061-2 You find it is too difficult to find someone compatible with you [PhenX]
67090-1 You have a long-term debt or loan [PhenX]
67062-0 You have a lot of conflict with your ex-spouse [PhenX]
67051-3 You have a lot of conflict with your partner [PhenX]
67082-8 You have a parent, a child, or a spouse or partner who is in very bad health and may die [PhenX]
67043-0 You have more work to do than most people [PhenX]
67073-7 You have to go to social events alone and you don't want to [PhenX]
67085-1 You take care of an aging parent almost every day [PhenX]
67047-1 You want to achieve more at work but things get in the way [PhenX]
67045-5 You want to change jobs or career but don't feel you can [PhenX]
67077-8 You want to live farther away from your family [PhenX]
67065-3 You wish you could have children but you cannot [PhenX]
67060-4 You wonder whether you will ever get married [PhenX]
67078-6 You would like to move but you cannot [PhenX]
67086-9 You're trying to take on too many things at once [PhenX]
67070-3 Your children don't help around the house [PhenX]
67080-2 Your family lives too far away [PhenX]
67074-5 Your friends are a bad influence [PhenX]
67046-3 Your job often leaves you feeling both mentally and physically tired [PhenX]
67056-2 Your partner doesn't show enough affection [PhenX]
67053-9 Your partner doesn't understand you [PhenX]
67054-7 Your partner expects too much of you [PhenX]
67059-6 Your partner is always threatening to leave or end the relationship [PhenX]
67057-0 Your partner is not committed enough to your relationship [PhenX]
67052-1 Your relationship restricts your freedom [PhenX]
67040-6 Your rent or mortgage is too much [PhenX]
67058-8 Your sexual needs are not fulfilled by this relationship [PhenX]
67044-8 Your supervisor is always monitoring what you do at work [PhenX]
67049-7 Your work is boring and repetitive [PhenX]

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