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PhenX18_27_social relationships
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Spouse (current or previous) 1 LA16887-4
Parent 2 LA6654-3
Father-in-law/mother-in-law 3 LA16888-2
Child 4 LA9949-4
Sibling 5 LA16889-0
Daughter-in-law 6 LA16890-8
Son-in-law 7 LA16891-6
Other relative 8 LA15640-8
Old neighbor 9 LA16867-6
Current neighbor 10 LA16868-4
School/class mate 11 LA16869-2
Compatriot 12 LA16870-0
Teacher 13 LA16871-8
Student 14 LA15276-1
Current co-worker 15 LA16872-6
Current boss/superior 16 LA16873-4
Current subordinate 17 LA16874-2
Co-worker, boss/superior, or subordinate from a previous firm 18 LA16875-9
Client 19 LA16876-7
Person working for another firm, but known through work relations 20 LA16877-5
Someone from the same religious group 21 LA16878-3
Someone from the same association, club or group 22 LA16879-1
Close friend 23 LA16880-9
Ordinary friend 24 LA16881-7
Someone known because he/she provides a service to me or my family 25 LA16882-5
Someone know from the Internet 26 LA16883-3
An acquaintance 27 LA16884-1
Indirect relationship (known via someone else) 28 LA16885-8
Else 29 LA16886-6

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67286-5 Relationship to you [The Position Generator]

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