Version 2.72

LL1755-9PhenX21_04_neighborhood attribute agreementActive

Basic Properties

PhenX21_04_neighborhood attribute agreement
Strongly agree/Agree/Neither agree nor disagree/Disagree/Strongly disagree
LOINCs Using This List

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Strongly agree 1 LA15237-3
Agree 2 LA15774-5
Neither agree nor disagree 3 LA15240-7
Disagree 4 LA15773-7
Strongly disagree 5 LA15236-5

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https://fhir.loinc.org/CodeSystem/$lookup?system=http://loinc.org&code=LL1755-9 https://fhir.loinc.org/ValueSet/?url=http://loinc.org/vs/LL1755-9

LOINC Terms That Use This Answer List

67597-5 A large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is available in my neighborhood [PhenX]
67598-3 A large selection of low-fat products is available in my neighborhood [PhenX]
67611-4 I feel safe walking in my neighborhood, day or night [PhenX]
67613-0 My neighborhood is safe from crime [PhenX]
67596-7 The fresh fruits and vegetables in my neighborhood are of high quality [PhenX]
67612-2 Violence is not a problem in my neighborhood [PhenX]