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LL4382-9[CAP] Nuclear Pleomorphism / Answers: 6; Scale: Nom; Code: -; Score: 0-3Active

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[CAP] Nuclear Pleomorphism
Answers: 6; Scale: Nom; Code: -; Score: 0-3
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College of American Pathologists

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Nuclei small with little increase in size in comparison with normal outlines, uniform clear chromatin, little variation in size 1 LA27222-1
Cells larger than normal with open vesicular nuclei, visible nucleo size and shape 2 LA27223-9
Vesicular nuclei, often with prominent nucleoli, exhibited marked occasionally with very large and bizzare forms 3 LA27224-7
Only microinvasion present (not graded) 0 LA27219-7
No residual invasive carcinoma after presurgical (neoadjuvant) therapy 0 LA27220-5
Score cannot be determined 0 LA27221-3

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44645-0 Nuclear pleomorphism in Breast tumor Qualitative by Nottingham