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LL4495-9CMS_OASIS Influenza vaccine receivedActive

Basic Properties

CMS_OASIS Influenza vaccine received
Answers: 8; Scale: Ord; Code: 1-8; Score: -
LOINCs Using This List

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Yes; received from your agency during this episode of care (SOC/ROC to Transfer/Discharge) 1 LA27623-0
Yes; received from your agency during a prior episode of care (SOC/ROC to Transfer/Discharge) 2 LA27624-8
Yes; received from another health care provider (for example, physician, pharmacist) 3 LA27625-5
No; patient offered and declined 4 LA27626-3
No; patient assessed and determined to have medical contraindication(s) 5 LA27627-1
No; not indicated - patient does not meet age/condition guidelines for influenza vaccine 6 LA27628-9
No; inability to obtain vaccine due to declared shortage 7 LA27629-7
No; patient did not receive the vaccine due to reasons other than those listed in responses 4-7. 8 LA27630-5

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