Version 2.72

LL4730-9Often true|Sometimes true|Never true|DKActive

Basic Properties

Often true|Sometimes true|Never true|DK
Answers: 4; Scale: Ord; Code: -; Score: -
LOINCs Using This List

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Often true LA28397-0
Sometimes true LA6729-3
Never true LA28398-8
Don't know/refused LA15775-2

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https://fhir.loinc.org/CodeSystem/$lookup?system=http://loinc.org&code=LL4730-9 https://fhir.loinc.org/ValueSet/?url=http://loinc.org/vs/LL4730-9

LOINC Terms That Use This Answer List

95399-2 Within the past 12 months the food we bought just didn't last and we didn't have money to get more Caregiver [U.S. FSS]
95400-8 Within the past 12 months we worried whether our food would run out before we got money to buy more Caregiver [U.S. FSS]