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LL5050-1CUBS_Transportation/mobility statusActive

Basic Properties

CUBS_Transportation/mobility status
Answers: 5; Scale: Ord; Code: -; Score: 0-4
LOINCs Using This List

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
My transportation is readily available, affordable, and car is adequately insured 0 LA29230-2
My transportation is generally accessible to meet basic travel needs 1 LA29231-0
My transportation is available and reliable, but limited and/or inconvenient; drivers are licensed and minimally insured 2 LA29232-8
My transportation is available, but unreliable, unpredictable, unaffordable; may have car but no insurance, license, etc. 3 LA29233-6
I have no access to transportation, public or private; may have car that is inoperable 4 LA29234-4

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LOINC Terms That Use This Answer List

89569-8 Access to transportation/mobility status [CUBS]