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C-SSRS - Actual Lethality/Medical Damage Type
No damage|Minor|Moderate|Severe|Death
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
No physical damage or very minor physical damage (e.g., surface scratches) 0 LA30335-6
Minor physical damage (e.g., lethargic speech; first-degree burns; mild bleeding; sprains) 1 LA30336-4
Moderate physical damage; medical attention needed (e.g., conscious but sleepy, somewhat responsive; second-degree burns; bleeding of major vessel) 2 LA30337-2
Moderately severe physical damage; medical hospitalization and likely intensive care required (e.g., comatose with reflexes intact; third-degree burns less than 20% of body; extensive blood loss but can recover; major fractures) 3 LA30338-0
Severe physical damage; medical hospitalization with intensive care required (e.g., comatose without reflexes; third-degree burns over 20% of body; extensive blood loss with unstable vital signs; major damage to a vital area) 4 LA30339-8
Death 5 LA7424-0

LOINC terms using this Answer List

93283-0 Actual lethality/medical damage initial/first suicide attempt type [C-SSRS]
93271-5 Actual lethality/medical damage most lethal suicide attempt Lifetime [C-SSRS]
93284-8 Actual lethality/medical damage most recent suicide attempt [C-SSRS]

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