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Basic Properties

USSG-FHT relationship
Family history tool relationship to patient
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Daughter DAU LA10405-1
Granddaughter GRNDDAU LA10406-9
Grandson GRNDSON LA10407-7
Half-brother HBRO LA10408-5
Half-sister HSIS LA10409-3
Maternal Aunt MAUNT LA10410-1
Maternal Cousin MCOUSN LA10411-9
Maternal Grandfather MGRFTH LA10412-7
Maternal Grandmother MGRMTH LA10413-5
Maternal Uncle MUNCLE LA10414-3
Brother NBRO LA10415-0
Father NFTH LA10416-8
Mother NMTH LA10417-6
Sister NSIS LA10418-4
Nephew NEPHEW LA10419-2
Niece NIECE LA10420-0
Paternal Aunt PAUNT LA10421-8
Paternal Cousin PCOUSN LA10422-6
Paternal Grandfather PGRFTH LA10423-4
Paternal Grandmother PGRMTH LA10424-2
Paternal Uncle PUNCLE LA10425-9
Son SON LA10426-7

LOINC terms using this Answer List

54136-7 Relationship to patient Family member

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