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Signs and symptoms of Delirium(from CAMĀ©)
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Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Behavior not present 0 LA61-7
Behavior continuously present, does not fluctuate 1 LA10992-8
Behavior present, fluctuates (comes and goes, changes in severity) 2 LA10993-6

LOINC terms using this Answer List

95815-7 Altered level of consciousness during assessment period [CAM.CMS]
93414-1 Altered level of consciousness in last 3 day [CAM.CMS]
54630-9 Altered level of consciousness in last 7 days [CAM.CMS]
95812-4 Did the patient have difficulty focusing attention, for example, being easily distractible or having difficulty keeping track of what was being said during assessment period [CAM.CMS]
54629-1 Disorganized thinking in last 7 days [CAM.CMS]
54628-3 Inattention in last 7 days [CAM.CMS]
54631-7 Psychomotor retardation in last 7 days [CAM.MDSv3]
95814-0 Was the patient's thinking disorganized or incoherent, such as rambling or irrelevant conversation, unclear or illogical flow of ideas, or unpredictable switching from subject to subject during assessment period [CAM.CMS]

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