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Reason for emergent care
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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Improper medication administration, adverse drug reactions, medication side effects, toxicity, anaphylaxis 1 LA27773-3
Injury caused by fall 2 LA12355-6
Respiratory infection (for example, pneumonia, bronchitis) 3 LA12356-4
Other respiratory problem 4 LA12357-2
Heart failure (for example, fluid overload) 5 LA12358-0
Cardiac dysrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) 6 LA12359-8
Myocardial infarction or chest pain 7 LA12360-6
Other heart disease 8 LA12361-4
Stroke (CVA) or TIA 9 LA12362-2
Hypo/hyperglycemia, diabetes out of control 10 LA6223-7
GI bleeding, obstruction, constipation, impaction 11 LA12364-8
Dehydration, malnutrition 12 LA12365-5
Urinary tract infection 13 LA6437-3
IV catheter-related infection or complication 14 LA12367-1
Wound infection or deterioration 15 LA12368-9
Uncontrolled pain 16 LA6430-8
Acute mental/behavioral health problem 17 LA12370-5
Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolus 18 LA6180-9
Other than above reasons 19 LA6315-1
Reason unknown UK LA4394-8

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57277-6 Reason for emergent care [CMS Assessment]