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LP14798-0   Acanthamoeba sp
Acanthamoeba species are ubiquitous soil and freshwater protozoa that have been associated with infections of the human brain, skin, lungs and eyes. Species of Acanthamoeba are distinguished mainly in the form of cysts, and include the following; those marked with an asterisk are known to cause infections. A. astronyxis*, A. castellanii*, A. comandoni, A. culbertsoni*, A. divionensis, A. griffini, A. hatchetti*, A. healyi, A. jacobsi, A. lenticulata, A. lugdunensis*, A. mauritaniensis, A. palestinensis*, A. pearcei, A. polyphaga*, A. pustulosa, A. quina*, A. rhysodes*, A. royreba, A. terricola (renamed A.castellanii Poussard), A. triangularis, and A. tubiashi. Diseases caused by Acanthamoeba include amoebic keratitis and encephalitis.The latter is caused by Acanthamoeba entering cuts and spreading to the central nervous system. Copyright Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ for details. Source: Wikipedia, Acanthamoeba

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Acanthamoeba sp
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Synonyms: 土壤阿米巴;棘阿米巴;棘阿米巴角膜炎;阿米巴性脑膜脑炎
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Acanthamoeba sp.
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Acanthamoeba sp
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Acanthamœba sp
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Acanthamoeba sp
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Acanthamoeba sp
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Acanthamoeba sp
Synonyms: ameba
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Acanthamoeba sp