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LP19410-7   Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A+C+w135+Y
Neisseria meningitidis is a species of gram-negative, aerobic bacteria. It is a commensal and pathogen only of humans, and can be carried asymptomatically in the nasopharynx. When found in cerebrospinal fluid it is the causative agent of cerebrospinal meningitis (meningitis, meningococcal). It can also be found in venereal discharges and blood. At least 13 serogroups have been described based on antigenic differences in the capsular polysaccharides; the ones causing most meningitis infections being A, B, C, Y, and W-135. Outbreaks caused by serogroup X meningococci have also been reported. Each serogroup can be further classified by serotype, serosubtype, and immunotype. Source: National Library of Medicine, MeSH 2006

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Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A+C+w135+Y
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N men sg A+C+W135+Y

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zh-CNChinese (China)
脑膜炎奈瑟菌 A+C+w135+Y 血清群
Synonyms: 脑膜炎奈瑟菌 A+C+w135+Y 群;脑膜炎奈瑟菌 A+C+w135+Y 型
nl-NLDutch (Netherlands)
Neisseria meningitidis A+C+w135+Y
et-EEEstonian (Estonia)
Neisseria meningitidis A+C+w135+Y
fr-BEFrench (Belgium)
Neisseria meningitidis A+C+w135+Y
fr-CAFrench (Canada)
Neisseria meningitidis sérogroupes A+C+w135+Y, Ag
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Neisseria meningitidis A+C+w135+Y
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
Neisseria meningitidis A+C+w135+Y
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
Neisseria meningitidis A+C+W135+Y
Synonyms: Serogrupos A, C, Y y W135 de Neisseria meningitidis
tr-TRTurkish (Turkey)
Neisseria meningitidis A+C+w135+Y