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LP203312-6   Effective orifice area.systole
Cardiac valve area can be measured (orifice area) or indirectly calculated (effective orifice area). Direct measurement can be done on echo, and calculations are based on other measurements such as blood flow volume and velocity. [DICOM] The effective orifice area is calculated based on the equation F=A×V, where F is flow, A is area and V is velocity. The velocity is measured directly with Doppler echo and indirectly during cardiac catheterization based on the Torricelli law from the transvalvular pressure gradient: V=√2gh, where g is the velocity of acceleration resulting from gravity and h is the pressure gradient. Therefore, for area as measured by cardiac catheterization, the formula is A=F/√2gh. [PMID:22547754] Source: Regenstrief LOINC, PMID: 22547754

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Effective orifice area.systole
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Synonyms: 有效口(孔、孔口、出口、瓣口)面积.收缩期(心脏收缩期、心缩期)
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Effettiva area dell'orifizio.sistole