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LP28609-3   Natriuretic peptide.B
Beta naturetic peptide (BNP) belongs to a family of structurally similar peptides that are produced by myocardial cells as well as by other cells. Two types of naturetic proteins are produced by the heart: A-type naturetic peptide (ANP) (made exclusively by atrial myocytes and BNP. ANP is made by both atrial and ventricular myocytes. BNP stays constant in relation to cardiac stress, ANP does change. Source: Regenstrief Institute

LP28609-3   Natriuretic peptide.B
Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is an active fragment (1-32) of ProBNP which is produced by myocardial cells. It increases in both right-sided and left-sided heart failure as well as in systolic and diastolic heart failure. Thus, it is used to diagnose and manage heart failure. When a patient is taking recombinant PBN (Natricor), BNP will reflect serum levels. NT-ProBNP, an inactive fragment (1-78) of ProBNP is used to assess the degree of failure. Both of these polypeptides have roughly the same predictive power. NT-ProBNP is commonly called ProBNP. Source: Regenstrief Institute

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Natriuretic peptide.B
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zh-CNChinese (China)
Synonyms: B 型利钠肽;B 型尿钠肽;B 型钠尿肽;B 型钠素;Beta 利钠肽;Beta 利钠肽(Beta Natriuretic Peptide,Brain Natriuretic Peptide,B-type natriuretic peptide,BNP);BNP;BNP 属于心肌细胞及其他细胞产生的一个结构类似的肽类家族。心脏产生有两种类型的利钠蛋白:A-型利钠肽 (ANP) (完全由心房心肌细胞产生) 和 B-型利钠肽 (BNP) 。心房和心室心肌细胞均可制造 ANP。BNP 并不伴随着心脏应激状态 (
nl-NLDutch (Netherlands)
natriuretisch peptide.B
et-EEEstonian (Estonia)
Natriureetiline peptiid.B
fr-BEFrench (Belgium)
Peptide natriurétique.B
Synonyms: BNP
fr-CAFrench (Canada)
Peptide natriurétique.B
el-GRGreek (Greece)
Νατριουρητικό πεπτίδιο Β
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Peptide natriuretico.B
Synonyms: Peptide natriuretico B
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
Натрийуретический пептид.B
Synonyms: Peptide natriuretico B
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
Péptido natriurético B
Synonyms: BNP;Péptido natriurético B;Péptido natriurético Beta;Péptido natriurético tipo B
tr-TRTurkish (Turkey)
Natriüretik peptid.B
Synonyms: Péptido natriurético B