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Specific airway resistance (sRaw) reflects airway resistance (Raw) that has been adjusted for lung volume. It is measured by plethysmography during normal breathing (i.e., tidal breathing), does not require special maneuvers, and is independent of height and sex, so it is commonly used in pediatrics and can be used for children as young as 2. The relationship between sRaw and Raw is: sRaw = Raw * TGV, where TGV is thoracic gas volume. There are different methods used for calculating sRaw from the data gathered during plethysmography, including:
1. sRtot (total specific resistance), which uses the flow measurements at the maximum change in pressure
2. sRaw Vmax, which uses the the measurements at the maximum flow
3. sRaw0.5, which uses the measurements where the flow reaches 0.5 L/s
Specifying the method used to calculate sRaw is important for interpreting the results.
[PMID:16002957] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Specific resistance.airway
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Synonyms: 特异性阻力(比阻力).气道(呼吸道);特异性气道阻力;比气道阻力
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