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LP37334-7   Borrelia burgdorferi DNA
B. burgdorferi causes Lyme disease and is transmitted to humans via a tick vector. IgM detected by Western blot is best for early detection. IgM antibodies appear within a few weeks of disease onset, whereas IgG antibodies appear later. IgG, and to some extent IgM antibodies, may persist for months or even years. Positive PCR tests may occur before sero-conversion, but are not diagnostic for active disease as PCR does not distinguish between live and dead organisms. A negative result does not exclude the diagnosis due to transient spirochetemia, small amount of spirochetes in the sample, or the presence of B. burgdorferi strains with alternate DNA sequences. (Information from Quest Diagnostics 2007 11 02.) Source: Regenstrief Institute

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Borrelia burgdorferi DNA
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