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LP40392-0   Hemolysis interference index
The hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia (HIL) indices measure the amount of interference in a specimen due to hemolysis, bilirubin, and lipids, respectively. All three are measured by assessing a sample's light absorbance at different wavelengths. Different IVD manufacturers use different wavelengths to measure each one. There is some overlap between the wavelengths at which each one is detected, and each manufacturer accounts for this when determining which wavelengths to utilize for each. The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute recommends using cutoff values for acceptable HIL levels that are specific to the analyte being measured, since HIL levels may impact the measurement of different analytes to different degrees. [PMID: 27147624] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Hemolysis interference index
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Hemolysis interf index

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Hemolüüsi indeks
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Indice hémolytique
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Indice hémolytique
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Emolisi, indice
Synonyms: Indice di emolisi
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Гемолиз индекс
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Indice hemolisis
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Hemoliz indeks