How NextGate uses LOINC:

The NextGate MatchMetrix Terminology Registry creates a cross-referenced and centralized index of LOINC and other codes. Using our matching logic tuned for the local environment, the Terminology Registry accepts data feeds from disparate code set providers and cross references them to the other entities participating in the ecosystem. The Terminology Registry supports editing of content within standards, mapping across standards, and delivery of content to EMRs, laboratories, PHRs, physician offices, or any business intelligence application. The Terminology Registry has capabilities to import, version, upgrade, link and maintain standards from commercial and government sources.

For example, the LOINC standard is used extensively in the Clinical Laboratory space, but each lab vendor uses different naming standards and presents test information in a variety of formats. The Terminology Registry will evaluate the incoming data against pre-loaded compendia, match and standardize the codes across lab vendors, and deliver the normalized “LOINCed” lab test roster to downstream consumers for ordering. Managing multiple lab vendors is possible by this single delivery channel that provides the latest updates as they are recorded by the Terminology Registry. Additionally, physician offices can connect directly to the Terminology Registry on an ad hoc basis and retrieve the latest normalized compendia from any lab vendor that participates in the ecosystem.

NextGate delivers Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) products and services for the integration, management, matching, tracking, and secure access of data.


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