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How Regenstrief Institute uses LOINC:

The LOINC effort is housed in the Regenstrief Institute, an internationally respected non-profit medical research organization associated with Indiana University. LOINC was initiated in 1994 by the Regenstrief Institute and developed by Regenstrief and the LOINC committee as a response to the demand for electronic movement of clinical data from laboratories that produce the data to hospitals, physician's offices, and payers who use the data for clinical care and management purposes.

In addition to initiating and now continuing to develop LOINC, Regenstrief's Informaticians have created theĀ Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), a community-wide health information exchange now including more than 18 hospitals. Regenstrief receives the HL7 clinical message streams from all of the participating source systems and integrates the data by mapping the idiosyncratic local codes to a common master dictionary based on LOINC.

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