Tawni Reller Consulting, LLC

How Tawni Reller uses LOINC:

With experience in LOINC beginning in 1997, Tawni Reller Consulting, LLC offers LOINC® and SNOMED CT® mapping services as applicable to Meaningful Use requirements, inclusive of public health reporting, and for purposes other than Meaningful Use that pertain to clinical or anatomic pathology code mapping. As a licensed Medical Technologist with experience in very small and very large laboratories, Tawni has expertise in clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories from both the laboratory and a vendor software solutions perspectives, supporting education, maintenance, integration, and consulting regarding LOINC® and other laboratory-specific challenges. Tawni Reller Consulting works closely with the Lab Interoperability Collaborative (LIC) regarding hospital connectivity to public health reporting agencies in support of the public health reporting required by Meaningful Use Stage 2. Tawni Reller Consulting is available for sub-contract work or direct contracting regarding laboratory-related services, inclusive of LOINC® and SNOMED CT® mapping, education, RELMA training, and strategy regarding LOINC for laboratory-related projects.

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Tawni Reller
Clinical Systems Consultant

LOINC Mapping Consultant