Comparing the APGAR score representation in HL7 and OpenEHR formalisms.

Semantic interoperability, a prerequisite to eHealth projects, relies on sharing both information and knowledge models between information systems. Two of the standards of information models are HL7 v3 and the European norm, EN13606/OpenEHR. The paper compares both standards on a fragment of the prenatal medical record, the APGAR score. Two factors are compared: the formal representation of both information models, and the binding to knowledge models. The HL7v3 perinatality DMIM specification and the OpenEHR APGAR archetype were used. HL7v3 appears to be more formal than OpenEHR and able to represent in an easier way the clinical context. For both standards, the binding to reference terminologies such as LOINC is poor. We provide recommendations to improve the standards.

Studies in health technology and informatics. 2009 ;150():250-4.

ISSN 0926-9630

Authors: Marc Cuggia, Sahar Bayat, Delphine Rossille, Patrice Poulain, Patrick Pladys, Hélène Robert, Régis Duvauferrier

PMID 19745308

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