A bilateral integrative health-care knowledge service mechanism based on ‘MedGrid’.

Current health-care organizations are encountering impression of paucity of medical knowledge. This paper classifies medical knowledge with new scopes. The discovery of health-care 'knowledge flow' initiates a bilateral integrative health-care knowledge service, and we make medical knowledge 'flow' around and gain comprehensive effectiveness through six operations (such as knowledge refreshing...). Seizing the active demand of Chinese health-care revolution, this paper presents 'MedGrid', which is a platform with medical ontology and knowledge contents service. Each level and detailed contents are described on MedGrid info-structure. Moreover, a new diagnosis and treatment mechanism are formed by technically connecting with electronic health-care records (EHRs).

Computers in biology and medicine. 2008 Apr;38(4):446-60.

ISSN 0010-4825

Authors: Chao Liu, Zuhua Jiang, Lu Zhen, Hai Su

PMID 18325488

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