What is done, what is needed and what is realistic to expect from medical informatics standards.

Medical informatic experts have made considerable progress in the development of standards for orders and clinical results (CEN, HL7, ASTM), EKG tracings (CEN), diagnostic images (DICOM), claims processing (X12 and EDIFAC) and in vocabulary and codes (SNOMED, Read Codes, the MED, LOINC). Considerable work still remains to be carried out. Abstract models of health care information have to be created, to cover the necessary domain, and yet be simple enough to assimilate, implement, and manage. This requires a high degree of abstraction. Enormous amounts to develop standardized vocabulary are still required to complement such a model, and to define the subsets that apply to given contexts.

International journal of medical informatics. 1998 Feb;48(1-3):5-12.

ISSN 1386-5056

Authors: C J McDonald, J M Overhage, P Dexter, B Takesue, J G Suico

PMID 9600396

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