Development of an electronic public health case report using HL7 v2.5 to meet public health needs.

Clinicians are required to report selected conditions to public health authorities within a stipulated amount of time. The current reporting process is mostly paper-based and inefficient and may lead to delays in case investigation. As electronic medical records become more prevalent, electronic case reporting is becoming increasingly feasible. However, there is no existing standard for the electronic transmission of case reports from healthcare to public health entities. We identified the major requirements of electronic case reports and verified that the requirements support the work processes of the local health departments. We propose an extendable standards-based model to electronically transmit case information and associated laboratory information from healthcare to public health entities. The HL7 v2.5 message model is currently being implemented to transmit electronic case reports from Intermountain Healthcare to the Utah Department of Health.

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA. 2010 Jan-Feb;17(1):34-41.

ISSN 1527-974X

Authors: Deepthi Rajeev, Catherine J Staes, R Scott Evans, Susan Mottice, Robert Rolfs, Matthew H Samore, Jon Whitney, Richard Kurzban, Stanley M Huff

PMID 20064799, PMC2995632

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