[Decade of genomics–methods for genome investigation in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae].

The last ten years, since yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome was sequenced, brought a big impact in genome-wide techniques. The tenth anniversary of genomic era provokes the following resume: a lot of new methods were invented. The yeast strains libraries carrying transposon insertions, gene deletions or tagged proteins have been created. Using them, the phenotypes of gene deletions, as well as the biological activity, cellular localization and possible modifications of their protein products were elucidated. SAGE analysis and DNA microarray experiments showed gene expression profiles and allowed to build interaction networks of gene regulation. The two dimensional gels, mass spectrometry, protein arrays and two-hybrid system carry information about protein interactions, modifications, and biochemical activities. All these methods permit to increase the number of genes with known cellular functions. Moreover, testing these techniques on yeast S. cerevisiae--a model eukaryotic organism--opened the door for their usage in all other species.

Postepy biochemii. 2006 ;52(4):435-47.

ISSN 0032-5422

Author: Adrianna Skoneczna

PMID 17536513

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