Biomedical Informatics Investigator.

The BMI Investigator is a computer human interface built in .Net which allows simultaneous query of structured data such as demographics, administrative codes, medications (coded in RxNorm), laboratory test results (coded in LOINC) and formerly unstructured data in clinical notes (coded in SNOMED CT). The ontology terms identified using SNOMED are all coded as either positive, negative or uncertain assertions. They are then where applicable built into compositional expressions and stored in both a graph database and a triple store. The SNOMED CT codes are stored in a NOSQL database, Berkley DB, and the structured data is stored in SQL using the OMOP/OHDSI format. The BMI investigator also lets you develop models for cohort selection (data driven recruitment to clinical trials) and automated retrospective research using genomic criteria and we are adding image feature data currently to the system. We performed a usability experiment and the users identified some usability flaws which were used to improve the software. Overall, the BMI Investigator was felt to be usable by subject matter experts. Next steps for the software are to integrate genomic criteria and image features into the query engine.

Studies in health technology and informatics. 2018 ;255():195-199.

ISSN 1879-8365

Authors: Peter L Elkin, Sarah Mullin, Sylvester Sakilay

PMID 30306935

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