Linking Health Records with Knowledge Sources Using OWL and RDF.

This paper describes a method by which the Web Ontology Language (OWL) can be used to specify a highly structured health record, following internationally recognised standards such as ISO 13606 and HL7 CDA. The structured record is coded using schemes such as SNOMED, ICD or LOINC, with the coding applied statically, on the basis of the predefined structure, or dynamically, on the basis of data values entered in the health record. The highly structured, coded record can then be linked with external knowledge sources which are themselves coded using the Resource Description Framework. These methods have been used to implement dynamic decision support in the open source cityEHR health records system. The effectiveness of the decision support depends on the scope and quality of the clinical coding and the sophistication of the algorithm used to match the structured record with knowledge sources.

Studies in health technology and informatics. 2019 ;257():53-58.

ISSN 1879-8365

Authors: John Chelsom, Naveed Dogar

PMID 30741172

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