Considering non-hospital data in clinical informatics use cases, a review of the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS).

The National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Information System (NEMSIS) Technical Assistance Center (TAC) collects and curates EMS activation level records for the United States. Originated as an outcomes assessment and service comparison tool, NEMSIS may have other high value clinical and public health uses. This study acquired a 100% activation level public dataset for 2019 from NEMSIS TAC and assessed item response quantities. Subsumption of NEMSIS terms within other controlled clinical vocabularies was also considered. None of the assessed terminologies (LOINC, ICD10-CM, SNOMED-CT) could describe meaningful volumes of NEMSIS item response codes. The 2019 activation year dataset included 36,525 non-date/time or calculated distinct item responses for 43 activation descriptive items. Said item responses yielded 2,101,844,053 activation distinct non-blank responses. Several NEMSIS item responses had high clinical and public health value. NEMSIS can support multiple public health use cases in addition to EMS outcomes assessment. A comprehensive custom value set is appropriate to integrate NEMSIS item response codes into controlled terminologies, FHIR or hospital Electronic Health Record applications.

Informatics in medicine unlocked. 2022 ;35():.

ISSN 2352-9148

Author: Nick Williams

PMID 36532947

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