Evaluating a CDS Hook for FHIR Questionnaires in a SMART on FHIR App and an Existing Dermatological CDS System.

To deploy clinical decision support (CDS) systems in routine patient care they have to be certified as a medical device. The European Medical Device Regulation explicitly asks for the use of standards and interoperability in the approval process. We extended an existing dermatological CDS system with emerging standards for CDS interoperability, to facilitate a future integration into existing healthcare infrastructure, and approval as a medical device. The data collection part of a CDS system was extended with the endpoints required by the CDS Hooks specification. FHIR QuestionnaireResponse resources trigger a newly defined hook. One hundred and seventeen clinical observations and patient variables needed for the ranking of a disease were mapped to SNOMED CT or LOINC and modeled as FHIR Questionnaire which is rendered using LHC LForms in a SMART on FHIR app with the SMART Dev Sandbox. SMART on FHIR in combination with CDS Hooks facilitates the integration of existing CDS systems into EHR systems, potentially improving education and patient care.

Studies in health technology and informatics. 2023 May;301():1-5.

ISSN 1879-8365

Authors: Philipp Tschandl, Christoph Rinner

PMID 37172143

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