Integration of Laboratory Data into a National Electronic Health Record (EHR).

This paper discusses the development and implementation of an API to integrate external laboratory information systems with a national e-health operator using LOINC codes as a standard measurement vocabulary. The integration provides many benefits, including reduced risk of medical errors, unnecessary tests, and administrative burden on healthcare providers. Security measures were implemented to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive patient information. The "Armed eHealth" mobile application was developed to allow patients to access their lab test results directly on their mobile devices. The implementation of the universal coding system has improved communication, reduced duplications, and improved the quality of care for patients in Armenia. Overall, the integration of the universal coding system for lab tests has had a positive impact on the healthcare system in Armenia.

Studies in health technology and informatics. 2023 Jun;305():491-494.

ISSN 1879-8365

Authors: Emin Manukyan, Barry Levine, Avet Manukyan, Armine Lulejian

PMID 37387074

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