Experience from the Development of HL7 FHIR IG for Gatekeeper Project.

The GATEKEEPER (GK) Project was financed by the European Commission to develop a platform and marketplace to share and match ideas, technologies, user needs and processes to ensure a healthier independent life for the aging population connecting all the actors involved in the care circle. In this paper, the GK platform architecture is presented focusing on the role of HL7 FHIR to provide a shared logical data model to be explored in heterogeneous daily living environments. GK pilots are used to illustrate the impact of the approach, benefit value, and scalability, suggesting ways to further accelerate progress.

Studies in health technology and informatics. 2023 Jun;305():106-109.

ISSN 1879-8365

Authors: Roberta Gazzarata, Catherine Chronaki, Alba Gallego, Eugenio Gaeta, Giuseppe Fico, Paolo Zampognaro, Franco Mercalli, Francesco Giuliani, Carlo Allocca, Giorgio Cangioli

PMID 37386969

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