The Change Snapshot identifies key changes to LOINC content

The purpose of the LOINC Change Snapshot File is to provide a structured record of the key changes to LOINC content that occurred in this release. The contents of this file are currently limited to changes in the Status of LOINC Terms and LOINC Parts since the last release. We intentionally do not include terms first added to LOINC in this release, since that information is already available in the LOINC Table via the VersionFirstReleased field.

In these files, we purposefully used the Property field to carry the identification of the attribute of the LOINC Term or Part that changed. This use of Property is the same meaning as in our FHIR CodeSystem representation, and not the same as the (Kind of) Property of the LOINC Fully Specified Name.

We intend to expand the set of changes represented in this artifact over time, both in terms of number of attributes and the set of release artifacts. Within our internal LOINC management system, we are now tracking "change reasons" at the more detailed field level (rather only than at the level of the whole Term) and therefore in this artifact will be able to reflect this more precise, field-level information. The Change Snapshot file is a work in progress and we are eager to hear user feedback about the approach.

File Contents

This artifact currently contains two files, LoincChangeSnapshot.csv and PartChangeSnapshot.csv. Each file contains information regarding the version in which the change is effective, the LOINC or Part number, the attribute that changed, the prior and current value for that attribute, and change reason. Note that not every row has a change reason provided.


LOINC Change Snapshot
Version: 1.5
Released: 2021-08-23
Size: 93 KB (ZIP)

  • Loinc_2.71_ChangeSnapshot_1.5
  • ChangeSnapshotReadMe.txt
  • LoincChangeSnapshot.csv
  • LoincReleaseNotes.pdf
  • Loinc_2.71_License_5.2.txt
  • PartChangeSnapshot.csv

API Access

A set of changes is not currently available from the LOINC API using HL7 FHIR.

A ValueSet of all Deprecated LOINC terms can be retrieved. You can use a $validate-code operation on this set to test a term's inclusion. Similarly, you can perform a $lookup operation on the CodeSystem property to return the Status property (append the request with &&property=STATUS) for an individual term. Note: this same type of request for a Part code will not return any results.

See our documentation for more information on how to use the Terminology Server including example requests.



VersionEffective LOINC_NUM Property ValuePrior ValueCurrent ChangeReason
2.66 18626-2 STATUS ACTIVE DEPRECATED The HL7 Attachments Work Group no longer supports the use case for which this term was created.
2.66 52743-2 STATUS ACTIVE DISCOURAGED Discouraged as items are from a legacy demonstration tool that is no longer maintained. No replacement term defined.


VersionEffective PartNumber Property ValuePrior ValueCurrent ChangeReason