Clinical LOINC Committee


The Clinical LOINC Committee helps fulfill the mission of the LOINC Committee by focusing on LOINC content representing observations, measures, documents (and collections thereof) made on patients, populations, devices, and other units of analysis.


See the prerequisites and apply for membership.


A new meeting schedule for this committee has yet to be determined.

Committee Chairs

Stan Huff, MD
W. Ted Klein
Member Name Member Type
Rachael Howe (Primary)
Michael Denton
Alex Milinovich Individual
Bruce Bray Individual
Canada Health Infoway
Anil Patel (Primary)
Tarek Kadoura
Clem McDonald Member Emeritus
Daniel Vreeman Individual
Gregory Melitski Individual
Harm Scherpbier Individual
June Bronnert (Primary)
Amy Goodwin
Intermountain Healthcare
Stanley Huff (Primary)
Susan Matney
Bret Heale
Jessie Wright Individual
Lynn Perrine (Primary)
Marla Throckmorton
Zabrina Gonzaga
Lisa Anderson Individual
Lisa Wolf Individual
LOINC Content Development Ex officio
Rita Pyle Individual
Robert Hausam Individual
Robert McClure Individual
Shaun Shakib Individual
The Joint Commission
Yanyan Hu (Primary)
U.S. National Library of Medicine
John Snyder (Primary)
Liz Amos
W. Ted Klein Individual


The responsibilities of the Chair of the Clinical LOINC Committee include:

  1. Organizing the Committee
  2. Assist in facilitating logistics for Committee meetings (supported by the Secretariat)
  3. Conducting Committee meetings
  4. Preparing and announcing agendas
  5. Supporting the Secretariat in documenting and disseminating meeting minutes
  6. Being a consistent active participant in Committee discussions


The responsibilities of the Co-Chair of the Clinical LOINC Committee include:

  1. Assisting the Chair in organizing the Committee
  2. Conducting Committee meetings in the event that the Chair is unable
  3. Assisting the Chair in preparing and announcing agendas
  4. Supporting the Secretariat in documenting and disseminating meeting minutes
  5. Being a consistent active participant in Committee discussions

Officer Selection

Appointment of the Chair and Co-chair roles of the Clinical LOINC Committee are made by the designated authority at the Regenstrief Institute. The Secretariat will announce a call for nominations for the Offices to the Committee membership. Nominees shall be drawn from active Clinical LOINC Committee members at the time of the announcement. If appropriate candidates are not available within the active membership, the pool of candidate nominees may be expanded.

Officer Terms

The Chair and Co-Chair serve renewable three-year terms that end in different years. Active officers must be Members of the LOINC Committee. Should a seated officer experience a change in membership status due to either the loss of individual membership or loss of membership by their organization; that individual will be removed as an officer. The Secretariat holds the responsibility for filling the vacant officer role.