Nursing Committee


The purpose of this committee is to discuss the use of LOINC in nursing-related clinical informatics.


See the prerequisites and apply for membership.


This subcommittee meets on the first Monday of every month from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST/EDT.

Committee Chairs

Jessica CroninJessica Cronin, MS, RN-BC
Randy Woodward Randy Woodward, RN, ACHIP

2024-07-01 Meeting

2024-06-03 Meeting

2024-05-06 Meeting

2024-04-01 Meeting

2024-03-04 Meeting

2024-02-05 Meeting

Member Name Member Type
Jacee Robison (Primary)
Angela Flanagan Individual
Janice Kelly (Primary)
Luke Jobman
Casey Thompson Individual
Debra Graham Individual
Intermountain Healthcare
Susan Matney (Primary)
Lindy Buhl
Cyndalynn Tilley
Janet Cuddigan Individual
Jessica Cronin Co-chair
Lynn Perrine (Primary)
Marla Throckmorton
Zabrina Gonzaga
Lisa Anderson Individual
Lisa Wolf Individual
LOINC Content Development Ex officio
Marcelline Harris Individual
Randy Woodward Co-chair
Roberta Severin Individual
Ruth Wetta Individual
Sharon Hibay Individual
Stephanie Hartleben Individual
Susan Matney Individual
The Joint Commission
Yanyan Hu (Primary)
Theresa Settergren Individual
VHA Office of Health Informatics
Holly Miller (Primary)


To facilitate the development and use of LOINC codes for observations used during key stages of the nursing process, including assessments, goals, and outcomes. Also, to meet the needs for administrative, research, and quality measurement initiatives related to nursing care.


The responsibilities of the Chair of the Nursing Subcommittee include:

  1. Organizing the Subcommittee
  2. Assist in facilitating logistics for Subcommittee meetings (supported by the Secretariat)
  3. Conducting Subcommittee meetings
  4. Preparing and announcing agendas
  5. Supporting the Secretariat in documenting and disseminating meeting minutes
  6. Being a consistent active participant in Subcommittee discussions
  7. Providing reports to the Clinical LOINC Committee (and Regenstrief as necessary) on their activity
  8. Serve as liaison to other Nursing organizations and standardization efforts

Officer Selection

Appointment of the Chair role of the Nursing LOINC Subcommittee are made by the designated authority at the Regenstrief Institute.

The Secretariat will announce a call for nominations for the Offices to the Committee membership. Nominees shall be drawn from active Clinical LOINC Committee members at the time of the announcement. If appropriate candidates are not available within the active membership, the pool of candidate nominees may be expanded.

Officer Terms

The Chair serves a renewable three-year term. Active officers must be Members of the LOINC Committee.