Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018
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Committee Meeting
Thursday, Mar. 22, 2018

Intermountain Healthcare
5171 Cottonwood St., Murray, Utah
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Welcome to LOINC

  • Daniel Vreeman, Stan Huff

An overview and welcome to our new event format, the LOINC community, the standard, and how it's being used around the world.

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LOINC for Beginners

  • Stan Huff

LOINC® is the universal standard for identifying health measurements, observations, and documents. It is now ubiquitous in health data systems worldwide, and is an essential ingredient of system interoperability. This tutorial presents an overview of LOINC and its use around the world, discusses the LOINC concept model and data structures, and describes the resources available for implementing LOINC. If you are new(ish) to LOINC, this session should be your starting point.

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Clinical Documents in LOINC

  • Daniel Vreeman

This session provides a detailed introduction to LOINC content for health-related documents. We'll cover the purpose and development of the detailed concept model for clinical document titles known as the LOINC Document Ontology. We will explore how you can make use of these terms in your IT systems, the lessons others have gleaned from implementing, and future directions for this ever-evolving content area.

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10:45 Break


RELMA Part 1

  • Daniel Vreeman

RELMA is the gold standard tool for mapping your local observation codes to LOINC. In Part 1, we’ll cover a high level roadmap of mapping with RELMA, how to setup and load your local terms into RELMA, and keys for mapping success with RELMA.

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LOINC: A Clinician's Perspective

  • Susan Matney, Lisa Anderson

Learn how LOINC is used to document different parts of the clinical process including assessments and outcomes. and how LOINC is used for continual data use including quality measures, eMeasures, registries, and research.

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12:15 Lunch

Catered lunch including vegetarian options to be provided.


The Clinical Information Interoperability Council (CIIC) and LOINC

  • Stan Huff

Interoperability remains a wicked problem in health care. The CIIC aims to tackle this problem head-on. You'll walk away with an understanding about CIIC's mission, vision, goals, current activities, and participants. You'll also learn about the absolute dependence that CIIC has on LOINC.

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1:45 Break


RELMA Part 2

  • Daniel Vreeman

In Part 2 of mapping with RELMA series, we’ll dive deep into how to optimize the mapping process with RELMA, become a search syntax ninja, and how to set yourself up for success in the long run.

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Panels and Forms

  • Sara Armson

In this session, we will explain how panels are modeled in LOINC, and discuss the difference between panels for lab orders, reports, and forms/surveys. We will also walk through the advanced attributes of LOINC panels, including optionality, cardinality, skip logic, override answer lists, and more. We will take a deep dive into two LOINC accessory files, the Panels and Forms File and Answer File. Finally, we will cover the current best practices for mapping to LOINC panels including business rules about required versus optional elements and methodless terms versus codes with methods, making you an expert in mapping to these important terms.

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3:15 Break


Submissions for Beginners

  • Jamalynne Deckard

LOINC content is created based on user requests, and we have a variety of methods by which you can submit your new term requests. This workshop will teach you how to submit new LOINC requests to Regenstrief, either through RELMA or using one of our four submission templates. We will review what primary information and supporting materials are required and/or recommended for different types of requests. In addition, we will describe the lifecycle of a submission, starting with your request, primary processing, quality review, and finally, publication of the new LOINC code.

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The LOINC/RadLex Playbook

  • Swapna Abhyankar

In 2013, Regenstrief Institute and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) formed a collaborative relationship to create a Unified Model for radiology procedure names with LOINC as the single source of names and codes (i.e., LOINC) under a cooperative governance process. In this session, we will take a detailed look at the Unified Model, which is used to represent all LOINC radiology terms, and how the model relates to attributes within each terminology (e.g., LOINC Parts, RadLex RIDs and Playbook RPIDs). We will also review the LOINC/RSNA Radiology Playbook release artifact and the LOINC radiology submission template, which is based on the Unified Model.

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Nursing Subcommittee Meeting

This LOINC subcommittee will meet at this time. You can sign up to attend this special session as part of the committee meeting registration to attend in-person or remotely. Workshop attendees also have the option of attending this meeting.

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